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    Official server news, events, change logs and announcements.

     - Hexathlon: Hexa quest is now added to our server! The quest will show up on weekends at specific times. Saturday: From 13:00 to 15:00 server-time. Sunday: 01:00 to 03:00 server-time. A guide will be released in our forum throughout the week.
     - Wild Hunt: We've added a brand new PK Map that will open during week days at 11:00 server-time. The first round that will happen tomorrow won't give any rewards as it will be a test round.
     - Dungeons:  Dungeons now have bosses! Those have the chance of dropping great rewards such as Ultimate Stone, Diamond, Rare Apparel Crate and Gems.
     - Warlord: The player with first place in K/D rankings now has "Warlord" above his head for a whole month.
     - Apparels: New apparels are now available in the Diamonds Shop, including Dragon Ball, wings and new Mask colors.
     - Game Rules (EULA):  We've update our EULA with new "Abusing" section - "You agree to not attempt to abuse any of our IP & MAC controlling mechanisms under no circumstances. Modifying your IP and MAC Address to take advantage, no matter how, will result in the following consequences: 1.: Formal warning. 2.: Account ban for 7 days. 3.: Permanent ban.". No actions need to be taken from you, and if you don't agree with the new rules, you may leave.
     - Guilds: We've increased the allowed amount of players to 30 in order to incentive guilds to recruit new comers. NO ALTS!
     - Pets: Doubled growth rate.
     - Sharpshooters: The skill "Cloak" is now disabled.
     - Demonic World: The amount of gold given from mobs have been increased from 25.000 Gold to 75.000 Gold.
     - Tundra: The amount of gold given from mobs have been increased from 2.500 Gold to 10.000 Gold.
     - Flash Bombs: We've replaced Flash Bombs lv3 for Blessed Potions. We intend to slowly add Flash Bombs lv1 to the game, the only current way is killing Chaos Chests.
     - Referral: Addressed an issue that the referrer would not receive their Diamonds when the referral is validated.
     - Tundra: Fixed an issue that mobs would die by themselves after a while if they are not killed.
     - Apparels: Fixed some apparels that weren't clickable (only in head).
     - Daily Quest: We've addressed an issue that the quest "Pirates Everywhere" would require to kill only one moster 35 times. As consequence, the quest now only requires 30x of each mob.


    [DONE] UPO Quiz 04-25-2020

    By Faller, in Events,

    Hey there!
    We'd like to announce that we'll be hosting UPO Quiz event this Saturday!
    That's your best chance to obtain some gold easily.
    UPO Quiz will happen this Saturday (04-25-2020) at 1:00 PM server-time.
    Countdown until event starts:


    Change Logs 04-22-2020

    By Faller, in Change Logs,

    Aoy pirates! In this thread you can check out all the changes applied to our server today.
    We've done many changes throughout the week, if you'd like to check all of them, please refer to our Discord's #change-logs channel.
    New way of farming! The whole Icy Area (618,788) in Albion is now fulfilled with Tundra Mobs. Each monster you kill you'll get 2.500 Gold, and 50% to 100% chance of obtaining "Crystal Ore". Crystal Ores can be exchanged for Great and Azrael Gems at 478,367. After you kill a mob, it will respawn in a totally random location around the Icy Area. Complete the quest from Senna to obtain a brand new title! Now killing players inside mazes give you "Ultimate Coins"! Those can be exchanged for items at 453, 375. Currently only Flash Bombs Lv3 and Gyozas are available. The reward for 10 days login have been changed to 15.000.000 Gold. Starter chest now gives 30.000 Gold. Assistance now count for the Daily Quest "Players Ownage". We've added some new chat commands: '/repair', '/bank', '/kd' and '/kdm'. Legendary Fortune Tree now gives 500.000 Gold every 2400 hits (previously 360.000 Gold). The Daily Quest "World Bosses" have been removed for now (we'll decease the status of the bosses in tomorrow's update).  
    The gem "Eye of Black Dragon" now gives 75 attack (previously 50). The Champion skill "Mighty Strike" now stuns for 1 second. The Sharpshooter skill "Cripple" now has 12 seconds cooldown (previously 6 seconds, which would result in infinite usage). The Sharpshooter skill "Enfeeble" now has 17 seconds cooldown (previously 15 seconds). The Master Bard skill "Abyss Mire" now decreases 50% movement speed inside Arena, BH and UC (previously 66%).  
    We've addressed an issue that would cause players to still lose experience after dying in some cases.  
    And that's all for today's update!
    We're constantly reading your feedback in #suggestions and #report to improve the server as you can see, so keep it going!
    UPO Team

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