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    Official server news, events, change logs and announcements.

    Hey there!
    It's been a while since our last maintenance... And here it is again to haunt you!
    There will be an 1 hour maintenance today (04-29-19) to perform a few things in our server side. The maintenance will start at 13:45.
    Note that there won't be any noticeable changes yet, but a few things:
    Rare Fruits (80-100) are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Improved Fruits (100-120) are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Fixed a few exploits in our server-side. Changed our server host to another region (Europe) and improved it's hardware. Fixed a few in-game bugs.  
    And that's pretty much it for this maintenance, nothing special as we're working in a "big" release that will come anytime soon.
    Ps.: You must update your client in order to be able to login.
    Have a nice week,
    UPO Staff

    Hello everyone! How are you?
    In this weekend we'll be performing a small event and update, just so we can slowly engage again.
    Find da GM - Basically a hide & seek event, a GM will hide somewhere in Albion and you'll have to find him. There will be a total of 10 rounds!

    Small Updates
    Lv9 gems are now available! You can combine & forge your gems up to level 9.
    A rare apparel have been added to Diamonds Shop's "Limited" section!
    The NPC "Multiple Gems Seller" have been updated, now it sells all Blacksmith Shop's gems.
    Fixed an issue that during one whole minute, at 00:00, players would be able to finish Daily Quests multiple times.
    Countdown until event starts & patch is lively applied (no maintenance):

    And that's pretty much it for this weekend. The next real (with actually new content) will be coming with the old accounts. We can't give an exact ETA right now, but you'll see them soon™!
    Have a nice weekend everyone,
    Ultimate Team.

    Hello everyone!

    Firstly, we'd like to discuss a little bit regarding the current state of our server. We are aware of the low activity in the recent weeks, also, sadly our staff have been away the last 1 week as well. Although, we'd like to ask you to not worry about it, we have big plans for the future of the server, and it won't be closing anytime soon, trust me, big things are coming soon. Also, I've been inactive the last few days because my PC broke down, but I expect it to be fixed by next week - I'm currently using a laptop that doesn't have any of the tools I need for developing new updates.

    Now to the point of this news thread, there will be a server maintenance today (03-11-19) at 21:45, we have no ETA on how long this maintenance will take, although the server should be back within 2 hours. We'll let you know in our Discord and website Chatbox!

    There won't be many changes in this maintenance as it's mostly focused on transferring to a new host, although expect a few things as listed below.
    Mazes rewarder now have the chance of giving 1x random "Great Fairy Fruit", which is used to level up your pet from level 80 to 100 (1 level per fruit). Mazes rewarder no longer gives Azrael and Great packs. Fixed an issue with story quests that would require the player to talk to a NPC which was removed. Chaos Shaitan and Ultimate Chaos no longer open within 20:00 and 07:00 as we've noticed that there isn't much activity in these maps during these hours. We've removed "Legendary Blade: Stage 3" from mazes rewards set as this item was discontinued in a previous patch. Updated "Maps Schedule" NPC, not it acts like our website widget and Discord Bot, listing current and next maps. Added the command "/maze" which shows the very same information as "Maps Schedule" NPC. Decreased the delay you can buy items from NPCs to 200ms.
    You must update your client in order to be able to login.
    And that's it! A brand new expansion will be coming to our server really soon.
    Have a nice week, Ultimate Team.

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