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    Patch Friday: 01-18-19

    By Faller, in Change Logs,

    Hello everyone!
    Here follows a list of all the changes that will be applied this Friday (10-18-19) in a maintenance that will happen at 2:45 AM. The maintenance will last 15 minutes, meaning that the server will be back online at 3:00 AM.
    This patch is mainly focused in balance changes and fixes, so you won't see anything new at all.
    Shadow Slash: Decreased duration by 3 seconds. Although, when stunning target from the back, the 3 seconds are added back. Does not apply to Chaos Icicle. Shadow Slash: Now statically lasts 4 seconds inside Chaos Icicle. Champion
    Champions now solely use Hammer as their weapon. If they attempt to use a 1-handed sword, they'll see a decreased maximum attack. Hammers now matches the damage of Dual Swords. Existing Champions can ask for a refund in their Dual Swords (upgrade stones) and for a free reforge to their Hammer. Voyager
    Lightning Curtain: No longer requires Conch to be used in sea. Lightning Curtain: Now usable in land. Deals 3% damage (to players) every second accordingly to target's total HP. Area damage, hits everyone who's in it's range. Lasts 20 seconds. Cooldown time is 30 seconds. Existing Voyagers will need to go to Class Exchange and change to Voyager again to receive this skill, it has (L) sign in skills list, it's not the same as sea one. Lightning Curtain: Now lasts 20 seconds in sea (previously 30 seconds). Fog: No longer requires Conch to be used. Tail Wind: No longer requires Conch to be used. Alga Entanglement: Now usable in land. It lasts 4 seconds and doesn't allow it's target to move (he can still use items and skills). It has 20% chance of missing. Cooldown time is 20 seconds. Existing Voyagers will need to go to Class Exchange and change to Voyager again to receive this skill, it has (L) sign in skills list, it's not the same as sea one. Master Bard
    Crystalline Blessing: No longer can be used in non-party members. Holy Judgment: Now usable by Master Bards. Existing Master Bards will need to go to Class Exchange and change to Master Bard again to receive this skill. Sharpshooter
    Headshot: Now indicates when it deals 10x damage. Other
    Slow skills are no longer stackable. For example, if someone has the effect of "Frozen Arrow", and another player uses "Cripple" on him, Frozen Arrow's effect will be removed and Cripple will remain.  
    Added new Achievements for Donators. They might show in a separate tab in the future.  
    Now assistance also counts for the Daily Quest "Players Ownage". Kills for the Daily Quest "Players Ownage" now only count inside mazes. Updated rewards in Love Island's NPC as it listed the old ones. The item "Fast Gem Combine Scroll" can now be moved to the skills bar. The "Pine Trees" in Icy Area now have the same drop rates as the other trees. The Daily Quest "Pirates Everywhere" now only requires 35x of each pirate (previously 60x).  
    Fixed an issue that would cause monsters inside dungeons and other places to suddenly disappear when someone wins a maze. Fixed an issue that would cause the skill "Entanglement" to not work in sea. Fixed a flaw that would allow the Daily Quest "World Bosses" to be completed in multiple accounts, without proper IP check. Fixed an issue in the achievement "Unlock all Fastravel Totems" that it would require an in existent Totem. Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow the weapon apparel "Magician Staff" to be usable with "Magic Shield". Greatly optimized the client and addressed an issue that would cause objects, NPCs and characters to randomly disappear. Fixed an issue that would cause the "Pine Trees" in Icy Area to not count in Resources Ranking nor increase Woodcutting skill experience. Fixed an issue that would cause the following achievements to not work: "Be the 1st/2nd/3rd in any Rankings". Winners of last month will be manually reviewed and given the achievements.
      And that's it for this quick update! Everything is still experimental, mostly champions changes, so please, let us know if you think that something requires changes. This is just the beginning of our balance changes.
    Have a nice weekend, Ultimate Team.

    Aoy pirates! We're excited to announce that a new release is coming to our server! Everything you're about to see will be applied at 04:00 PM on Sunday, 01-12-2018 (the maintenance will least approximately 30 minutes). Also, the Donation Page will be available at 06:00 PM of the same day.
    Countdown until release:

    Donation Available!
    We're really happy to finally open our Donation Page! Donations of any amounts will totally help the development of our server.❤️
    Event - The first 5 players to donate any quantities above 50$ (stacks up) will receive an unique title that won't ever be available again!
    *The donations page will be opened 2 hours after the update is released, at 06:00 PM, as mentioned above.

    Facebook Event
    As many of you missed the Facebook Event we had before opening our server, for the simply fact that you have never heard of it before (the one you'd get 30 days VIP Bless), we'll be giving you an unique chance to participate it now! Although, we'll be giving 14 days VIP Bless at this time.
    Important note: Anyone who has already participated on the previous event won't be allowed to participate in this one.
    To participate, everything you need to do is Share (with settings set as public) or tag a friend in this post of our page.
    Hide and Seek
    To welcome our brand new event map, we'll be doing an event on it! The event will happen on Sunday (01-13-18) at 02:00 PM server-time. There will be a total of 10 rounds. More about the event will be explained in the event day. [click here for more info]
    New Content
    Ultimate Raid
    Party - Easy mode is now available! [click here for more info]

    Mystery Shrubs
    Mystery Shrubs will now show up inside Ultimate Chaos, Chaos Icicle and Chaos Shaitan! [click here for more info]

    Visual Rework to Soul Detector
    Now it indicates it's range. Thanks @mothannakh

    Daily Quest: Clear The Sea
    A new Daily Quest is now available. It's objective is to hunt a few monsters in the sea, just like a pirate! Check more at the Daily Tasks Manager.

    Achievement Titles
    The titles for completing achievements are finally available! Talk to Achievements Handler to redeem.

    Hide and Seek Island
    Brand new event map that will be used for Hide and Seek Event!

    Changed Errors
    Changed how common errors are displayed for a more fluid UI. Thanks @mothannakh

    Others Additions
    Gems can now be combined and forged up to level 7. Legendary Weapon Stage 3 Stone is now available in the Diamonds Shop.  
    Marriage Effect now works even if you have your Marriage Certificate in your bank. The skill "Loveline" still requires Marriage Certificate to be in your inventory. Marriage Effect's movement speed now adds exactly 50% movement speed. Now only 1 character is allowed per person inside Dark Swamp. Demonic World 2's mobs "Demonic Snowman" now have the chance of dropping "Soul Detector Lv1". Now players can stealth inside any mazes before the minute 25, although it will only last 10 seconds, just like in Chaos Icicle. After :25, stealth will return to normal. Added extra monsters to dungeons as a few players have been reporting that at very rare scenarios there's not enough monsters inside to finish the dungeon's objective. Removed the system message that appear when you sit down and stand up. Increased the time the boss "Barborosa" lives to 12 hours after spawning (previously 10 hours). Now Stage 1 and Stage 2 Legendary Weapons have a fee to repair. The "Repair" system now adjusts the fee according to the current durability of the item being repaired (before it had a static fee, no matter the current durability). The rewards for finishing the dungeon "Love Island" have been doubled. The rewards of the quests "Great Gem Quest" and "Azrael Gem Quest" have been doubled. The map "Warriors Arena" have been disabled due to misconduct from players. The item "Rare Apparel Crate" have been removed from the Reputation Exchanger and is now a possible drop from Ultimate Raid's boss. The requirement to start the "Fourth Rebirth" is now killing 50x of each Black Dragon monsters (previously 5k Honor Points). Anyone who has already started the quest, can request for a refund in their Honor Points here.  
    Master Bard's skill "Spiritual Bolt" now deals 14k damage inside balanced maps (previously 16,5k). Fixed an issue that would cause players with high level to deal more damage inside balances maps (didn't affect magic damage). Thanks @mothannakh for reporting. The skill "Revival" is no longer available inside mazes after the portal closes. Note that not many balances have really came yet, we're still working on them. Coming anytime during next week.
    Fixed an issue that would cause Marriage Effect's movement speed in Albion to randomly stack. Fixed an issue that would cause guilds "1st, 2nd and 3rd" place effects to disappear after 60 seconds inside mazes. Fixed an issue in balanced maps that would cause "Sit Mode" HP/SP recovery to persists even after standing up - which caused MBs to be very strong inside these maps because of Energy Shield. Fixed an issue that would cause random monsters names to appear in mazes spawn notices. Example: "[BH] 5x (Sakura Pirate Militia) have just spawned!" Fixed an issue that would cause Demonic World's powers to work in Dark Swamp, Wild Hunt and Warriors Arena balanced rounds, which would result in some players to have explainable stats. Fixed an issue that would allow players to bypass our security measurements in UPO Quiz and use the skill "Loveline" to get an alt inside. Fixed an issue that would cause Master Bard's apparel "Fan" to not be usable with "Magic Shield". Fixed an issue that would cause the achievement "Reach Lv3 in Set Stall" to not count even if the player has reached lv3 in the mentioned skill. Players that have already reached level 3 before this fix, will need to request a manual fix for their characters. Contact us here. Fixed an issue that would cause Magic Classes damage to be very low in Warrior Arena balanced rounds. Fixed a long-time issue that would affect all dungeons: At very random situations, monsters would not spawn at all. Also, at very random situations, another player would go inside another player's current session. [previously pushed to the server] Fixed an issue in Daily Quests that the quests would keep giving doubled rewards even after VIP Bless has ended (if it expired while the player was offline). This issue have been reported by @Soah and she'll get rewarded through our Bugs Bounty Program.  
    Extra Information
    Ultimate Raid
    It's a whole new dungeon that can be done in party mode. For now, only "easy" mode is available. Can be started at 412,927. You must have at least 1 party member with you. You'll receive 1x UR Sapphire for each wave of monsters you defeat, and you'll receive 5x Diamonds if you can successfully wipe out all the monster waves. Sapphires can be exchanged for cool rewards like VIP Blessing with Ayla at 451,386.
    Mystery Shrubs
    It's a whole new concept inside mazes, with the objective of bringing different play styles and strategies. It's still in testing phase, so there might be changes to it according to your feedback.
    Red - Spawns at random locations, respawns every 5 minutes. There's only 1 inside the whole map. It grants you 100% extra power on all source of damage outputs and heals for 15 seconds. For example, if your Spiritual Bolt hits 10k, it will hit 20k. When it's defeated, a system notice is sent to everyone in the map of who got it (when it respawns as well). There's a huge indicator around the player with it's powers. It dies in 1 hit. Green - It always spawns at the fountain of every map, respawns every 2 minutes. Recovers HP and SP, 5% per hit and dies with 50 hits. There's only 1 inside the whole map. Purple - Always spawns at defined locations, respawns every 2 minutes. There's 4 inside the whole map. It gives you the ability to escape tough situations - it grants you 100% extra movement speed for 5 seconds.  
    And that's it for this update! We hope that you've liked the changes, any suggestions, please contact us.
    Have a nice weekend!
    Ultimate Team

    Hi everyone!
    We come with good news! We've just recruited a new staff member: Mustache.
    How is that any good for you? Well, it's simple - more people to help you in issues, more minds thinking on what needs to be changed in the server, more time for Faller to work in cool updates.
    Mustache will have the following roles: Player Support, Discord Management and Events Manager.
    You might be wondering, this name sounds familiar, right? Indeed. Mustache have been a player in our server since it opened almost 3 years ago - actually, you might not know it, he was one of the founders and the one who firstly reached me to start work in this crazy idea! UPO only exists because of him.
    He abandoned all the rights to play in our server in order to get promoted to this role, you won't be seeing him in any mazes. Also, he has left his guild and is now neutral. His old character is getting deleted.
    Right now, he's still a trainee, so he might not be able to do much, but we're working on getting him ready to be a true Game Master!

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