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Mazes (UC, BH, CI and CS)

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What are mazes? PK maps that open every hour and last up to 45 minutes. In these maps guilds have to put their power altogether to achieve it's main objective: Being the last survivors inside.

Currently, there's a total of four mazes: Ultimate Chaos, Bounty Hinter, Chaos Icicle and Chaos Shaitan.

All the mentioned maps have the very same principle, although the have a few differences to not keep things so repeated.



Ultimate Chaos

In this maze players are presented to the old city known as "Argent City". The main difference in this map is that the defense and damage of everyone is modified, they are greatly decreased.



Bounty Hunter

This map has the very same principles of Ultimate Chaos, although players are presented a very small map, with their defense even lower. It's the fastest map as everyone die in a few hits and the area is really small.



Chaos Icicle

Different than Ultimate Chaos and Bounty Hunter, when we built this map we had the new players in mind. Everyone inside of it have the very same stats, including movement speed. All players can stand out, even the ones that started a few hours ago.



Chaos Shaitan

So far the most "default" map. There's no changes to players stats, that means some players may tank everyone. Magics stand out in this map due to their high defense and magic damage, which totally ignores their target's defense. This map is the least recommended for new players.



Mystery Shrubs

All mazes except for Bounty Hunter count with "Mystery Shrubs". They are plants that appear in the map to give the opportunity of doing different plays and strategies.

There's a total of 3 Shrubs, which add the following buffs respectively:

  • Red - Spawns at random locations, respawns every 5 minutes. There's only 1 inside the whole map. It grants you 100% extra power on all source of damage outputs and heals for 15 seconds. For example, if your Spiritual Bolt hits 10k, it will hit 20k. When it's defeated, a system notice is sent to everyone in the map of who got it (when it respawns as well). There's a huge indicator around the player with it's powers. It dies in 1 hit.
  • Green - It always spawns at the fountain of every map, respawns every 2 minutes. Recovers HP and SP, 5% per hit and dies with 50 hits. There's only 1 inside the whole map.
  • Purple - Always spawns at defined locations, respawns every 2 minutes. There's 4 inside the whole map. It gives you the ability to escape tough situations - it grants you 100% extra movement speed for 5 seconds.



Chaos Chests

All mazes count with "Chaos Chests". They are the best way of farming the most wanted manus & potions such as Flash Bombs and Improved Blessed Potions. They spawn in the very first minutes of the map (5, 10 and 15), at random places, with the objective of giving some life to the maps during the first minutes.



Daily Quests

There's a few Daily Quests that can be completed inside mazes. All of them can be started with Daily Tasks Manager (512,389). The quests are:

Players Ownage - Hunt down 30 players inside any mazes.
Chaos Warlord - Be the last survivor in any mazes.
Black Dragon Annihilation - Slay 30x of each Black Dragon monster. This one can also be completed with the BD mobs that spawn in Albion's Icy area (726, 874). Black Dragon monsters spawn at the very ending of the maps, after the portal is closed (35 and 40).



All mazes count with the very same rewarding system/method. It isn't perfect, but we're working everyday to make it better. It counts with different tiers of items, that goes from gold to items from Diamonds Shop. Each tier have a distinct chance of being given, which escalates according to the maximum amount of players inside that maze in the given time.

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