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All the maze portals appear outside Albion’s PVP Bar at 466, 455.


The rewards are the same for each maze. There can only be a maximum of 5 players inside in order to receive the rewards.    


          1 WINNER  = 1x King of the Ring Emblem and 2,5m Gold.   Z6_Iao5ADMCtRmQfYg6PbtQeBxuoehpvc2y1biHTEtxZRB1SMREeW6Jn10-KbdFosan7G7T61sqf53ye0Byw3tDBTmbenvRs4tjg3xuY6yBC01K7d0LIvZtWrrB5vdsqJ30nS1jh

         2 - 5 WINNERS  = 1x Saint of the Ring Emblem each player.    DaL4wBFwY_o4G2pRRFxHA5VMAxA47ln1vzSJXzK7KO93Al7WjesNZoxAFtVoR64Hq1CZADfaAgDFhN_cBuc1_uXi09fOvsElzPl_eL5Mfo1gVjPMB0k4V-hTPueZ5RpH4LvW_c-g


You can talk to the NPC Fragments Exchanger - Dalia at 461,383 and exchange your maze rewards.




Strengthening Crystal  JgsXkmk00MmftbSGsMi2mEilR0QT5FCmolrNQEHb2miJJXRbI42tuuzqVTgFlFWo9OYphOQpTJfHsBTbVok-zbOieALUFVhooNGqtxuy_h-kDC8Jdv-uhwfQKtapkJEH4KmtAdKS A catalyst which is needed to strengthen your equips by 2%.


Inventory Expansion Bag  _jDiMsO0wZ4r4oNpEEA7cZNv1iUzMh6hIv8hF_NyZ5zwo_bPohJ9e92nAK3bPx6NGlDu6R1Y3yn08AVDJbts__DTYGCK9tebeEtTpdtwq8-n3QR-xxkRZGguuLXQ0yteJTvvfkX1  Unlocks 1 extra inventory slot.


EXP Pamphlet  BpARv2LL_24tPKh6khUyJzJHT2JogNddDyD0Wd8DxYoUDVhVJAnhOg8QUv_lgeMH-yDRIwztkyrWX2BuoWuSyKrZbtpJk5I88h2K8GblCDSSGFEjUHnjZjN2-3LTtLyfwukhicD7  Double click to obtain 20% experience once you are above level 70.


Chaos Chests


- Each chests drops 1 Manu-Pack  nKB4pO2HBuV5H-pXmHYeNclAFGRjC8Q4LEPpNVRE-n1gWxxmsdPB2k3Ep6-0QgCbT9PDQZ87mH8_GUH3q5fh9dhQ-8xXSIkSSDBtv_gsffppDmg0MoIzulNpQNzAETTzYyIW-4zI  that contains 1 random manu potions (Gyoza, Flash Bomb Lv1, Earthquake Generator Lv1, Radiation Lv1, Carrion Ball Lv1, True Sight Lv1)

- Each wave of chests will spawn at minutes 5, 10 and 15.



Black Dragon Monsters



Each monsters drops 15% chance of each the Black Dragon Gems.


Each wave will spawn at minutes 25 and 35.






Let's meet in the battle!




Best Regards,

@Chanmi @Dominate & @Soah





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Can't believe this went unnoticed!!

I was looking at unread stuff and fount out this cool guide 😮


Thanks so much guys!!! Looking really cool ❤️

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