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      Sacred Faerie Wings       46327248247dff666f37ba38dd779e8b.gif  

  Nature Faerie Wings    d42681ecfa464b2e61ca140e1652f6d5.gif

Mechanical Butterfly Wings  3294637d5430b20d6da1f6e98f2995ec.gif


Tinker Wings     48a2e2a092547fd55c433f03364523bf.gif

Nike Goddess Wings    d1c72584a59d90efc4b8a1092e93fd9d.gif

Undead Wings     6807ef9be0310ac20ee9dfc5208519d4.gif
Ghoul Wings  7ef091fb3e023a704ac278727638ad2c.gif

Fallen Angelic Wings    11955011ad32b6ee7294a09f8dd669ca.gif

Butterfly Wings 5787f1d897e82af20cb165538fa994ca.gif

Angelic Wings 87739a627b4238f9d4a4b9ea3e1f5fac.gif

Ebony Dragon Wings 7cb7f4bd50442303ff84671a11e23769.gif
Vampiric Wings 9d3ec854c64472d7216a0fe7881b419a.gif

Rainbow Wings dad22a5feeb0f65d419a0b47b4f2faf7.gif

Devil Wings 5e017195522f436c1a1fb7a4e66e8cf1.gif

Dragon Wings  d7a629c096a41e0493b4017b0fb84016.gif
Elven Wings 973fcb9d66d76f4d8019962ef1048219.gif



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Ultimate Pirates Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based in the historic "Tales of Pirates". Our server counts with numberless new content and customized game-play intended to make your experience even better. We're always updating our server with new content, so you're never left behind. We are online since 2016 and have plans to keep going, forever and always. Come and join us now for the Ultimate Tales of Pirates experience!