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[Leaks Information] Newbie Guide: Useful Comanads

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By now u probably realized that there arent any tickets and that u teleport with commands sutch as /tpcity /tpmystic /tp1.../tp8
But did u know that there are some other useful commands :)?
/alive will tell you how many people are in the map
BD Raid
/dungeon f1  this command teleports you to the end of stage 1 of the dungeon (entrance to 2nd stage)
/dungeon portal this command is useful for the 2nd stage of dungeon,it tells you what portals were used and should not be entered again.
Some other useful commands
/bank this allows u to access the bank from anywhere
/forge allows u to gem from anywhere
/combine allows u to combine from anywhere,there also is a quick combine scroll that makes this command useless :P
/kd this shows you your kill to death ratio from pk maps
/time Shows you the server time,this is usefull becouse of the Events gms usualy make on weekends
If you type /help u will see a list of all the commands u can use on the server ^^

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