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[Leaks Information] Newbie Guide: Farming

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Okay so first lets see what are valuable resources?
Money is usefull for gemming,upgrading your set,exchanging gems...
Money can be farmed in Thundra,to get to thundra u need to walk to 900,900. 
On your way there u will see a Tottem #7 ,if u take the quest from it and finish it u can go to thundoria simply by typing /tp7.
Monsters in thundoria give 10 million each,on weekends that is doubled,and if you have your VIP blessing turned on everything is doubled so on weekends u get 40mil per mob.
These can be farmed various ways.
By doing Daily Quests,chopping the Legendary Tree of Fortune,or by doing Azz guest and Gr8 gem quest @510,630 outside ultimate city.
Azz gems can also be farmed by killing BD mobs from /tp6 (@930,745).The mobs drop Azz Fragments that can be traded for azz gems  @460,380 ultimate city.
Ultra/Ultimate/Accessory Gems
These gems u can get from the chest in Arena at ultimate city
These gems can also be farmed by killing chests at /tp6&7.The Chests drop Ultimate/Ultra/Accessroy Fragments that can be traded for gems @460,380 ultimate city.
Master pet (@395,640 outside ultimate city) drops 4x accessory bags when killed
Diamonds are basicly IMPs so these are your bread and butter.
Dia can be farmed by doing Daily Quests (510,390 ultimate city)
U can also farm dia by chopping the Legendary Tree of Fortune
Some tips for beginners?
Chopping the Legendary Tree of Fortune is by far the best way to farm,it has good rates aswell so id suggest u to make some alts.
It gives u Dia/Gems/Blessing Pots. Pots and Gems can be sold for diamonds aswell.The more alts u got the better ^^
Making Ref Gems is really profitable.
Lv9 ref could be sold for 6dia in the time this guide was written (while it takes u around 350mil to make it).

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