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  • [DONE] Maintenance 12-28-18


    Dear players,

    There will be a 15 minutes maintenance on 12-28-18, at 02:45 to apply some changes and critical fixes.
    The server will be back online at 03:00.

    [Change Logs]
    Patch Version: 379


    • Great Fairy Fruits (used to level pet up to level 80) are now available! Talk to "Pet Mall" NPC at 551,405 for more information.
    • Players can no longer see each other's name and apparels inside Wild Hunt and Warriors Arena.
    • Now when changing class or doing Rebirth, if you've got any "Bonus Skill", you'll receive 1x "Bonus Skill Plant".
    • Changed what times Wild Hunt and Warriors Arena open. Check "Maps Schedule" NPC at 527,491 for more information.
    • Fixed an issue in the map Warriors Arena that would cause it to only allow 10 players inside.
    • Now the Daily Quest "Save The Day" only requires you to obtain 100x "High Grade Wood Bundles" instead of 200x.
    • All the Daily Quests have been moved to "Albion's Daily Tasks Manager" NPC at 511,388. All Daily Quests, except for "Delicious Mushrooms" are now started from him.
    • Dungeons now allow 4 players to be doing one map at the same time, before it would allow only 2.


    • Fixed a critical memory leak issue that would cause the server to crash every few days (happened 3 times, sadly).
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to get disconnected when trying to enter Warriors Arena if the map is full.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the kills counter to reset inside Dungeons at random situations.

    [Known Bugs]

    • Sometimes, at an unknown condition, monsters may not spawn in Solo Dungeons. We're still working in this case and will update you whenever we have solved it.

    In order to play, you must update your client, otherwise you won't be able to login. Simply run "Ultimate Pirates Online.exe" from your desktop.

    That's it for this quick maintenance!
    If you find any issues, please report to us here, and we'll quickly investigate.

    Edited by Faller

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