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  • Change Logs 06-15-2019


    Hello everyone!

    And here are the updates! Are you ready for them? :D In this patch we have focused mostly on improving newbies experience with combining, guild improvements and fixing the many issues that are happening inside Snowy Rumble. 


    What's new

    • Guild leaders can now promote any members to guild co-leaders! The leader simply has to use the command '/coleader' and specify the player name and if the permission is being given or removed (example: '/coleader Faller,add' <- That makes Faller a co-leader. '/coleader Faller,remove' <- That removes Faller from a co-leader). Co-leader can only accept and remove players from the guild, they cannot delete it or change the motto.
    • Added a cool-asf NPC: Vault Gems Combiner. Can be used to combine gems that are inside your vault into any levels. The gems inside of your vault can be of any levels, our system will do the calculation automatically and send back the extra gems (e.g: if you want to combine 1x Lv4 gem and have 1x Lv5 gem in your vault, you'll receive your combined lv4 gem and the other part of your Lv5 gem will be added back into your vault). Check it out at 460, 351. There is a fee (wly): 7m multiplied by the gem level.
    • The NPC "Multiple Gems Seller" have been renamed to Combined Gems Seller and now sells combined gems from lv 3 to lv9. There is a 15% fee (we swear wly).
    • Now our system now notifies all your guild members when a mate come online and when someone joins the guild.
    • Added a cool Dummy at 530, 491. Check it out!
    • The dungeon Lost Forest is temporary disabled.


    What's fixed

    • Fixed an issue that would cause Shield of Eternity to enable after using the skill Fairy Body. This is a bug because Shield of Eternity isn't meant to be enabled right now.
    • Fixed an issue that would allow players to stealth before entering Snowy Rumble.
    • Fixed an issue in Snowy Rumble rewarder that would cause it to not reward the 2nd and 3rd placed players. Also, the achievement for scoring over 400 points wouldn't count.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Snowy Rumble system to not balance sides properly.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the monsters "Ancient Mystic Shrub" and "Ultimate Chest" to disappear if they aren't killed for a while.


    And that's it for this patch! We couldn't deliver everything we wanted, but we will the next days.
    There will be a 10 minutes maintenance at 19:50 (06-15-2019) to apply the updates.
    Ps.: You will need to update your client in order to be able to attack the dummy.


    Best regards,
    Ultimate Team.

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