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    Official server news, events, change logs and announcements.

    And a whole week has passed again... And here we are!
    First off, we'd like to apologize the issues we've had throughout this week that caused many players to lose their hard-worked ranking points, we're really sorry about that, our sincere apologize.
    Now getting to the subject, there will be a maintenance today at 03:45 AM that will last 15 minutes. The server will be back online at 04:00 AM if everything goes accordingly.
    What's New
    New players are now automatically assigned into the guild "Newbies". The objective is that new players can contact each other and progress together. The guild has no limit of players inside, although it doesn't show in rankings and can't participate in upcoming guild wars. We're still deciding how we'll kick out inactive players. The new player has to relog after creating their character in order for the guild chat to work properly. Legendary Rings - Stage 4 are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Improvements to Anti Tweaker Engine. Rebirth 1, 2 and 3 Stones are now available in the Diamonds Shop.  
    Mazes portals area have been temporary locked as we're analyzing an issue that causes players to get stuck in that place after the server is online for a while. Now Nurses play a little animation instead of flooding your local chat. Players now get automatically healed and buffed when they press "Revive". Buffs are given if the player has turned automatic buffs on. The in-game Player Referral system is officially disabled. The referrals made through it will get rewarded the next days. Changed "Inhibitors" models in Goddess Collision as it would be hard to target players who are close to it. The skill "Energy Web" also counts for assistances now.  
    The Champion skill "Beast Legion Smash" no longer stuns when used. The Champion skill "Primal Rage" have gotten it's cooldown decreased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.  
    Fixed an issue that would allow Master Bards to exchange their class to Voyagers and still have "Energy Shield" effective if they used it before exchanging. Fixed a critical issue that would cause player's K/D Ranking and Resources Ranking points to be lost if the server crashes or if there's a maintenance (all the points the player acquired while the server was online would be lost). Fixed an issue that would cause Wild Hunt's "Fog" to not work at all.  
    That's it for this week's maintenance. It was mostly focused in critical bugs we've been facing lately, so there isn't really a ton of new content. Expect new maps to come in the next week!
    Have a nice weekend,
    Ultimate Team.


    New Referral System

    By Faller, in Announcements,

    Hello everyone!
    We're glad to announce that we're performing major changes to our player referral program with the objective of making it easier and straightforward for everyone.
    Now it's as easy as copying a link and sending to all your friends! Before you'd need to instruct them to type the command in the first time they login, which usually cause difficulties and in most cases, your friends would simply forget about it.
    Also, now you'll receive unique achievements for referring certain amount of players, these achievements include unique apparels and titles.
    Our old referral system will be completely disabled in the next patch. The referrals that were made through it before this change will receive the old rewards.
    Note that the old referrals won't count towards this system's achievements, which means that everyone will start on 0.
    To know more and get your unique link and start spreading the word, access our new referral page: Player Referral.
    We might perform small adjustments to this system in the upcoming days according to your feedback, so stay tuned!
    Thank you,
    Ultimate Team.

    Dear players,
    There will be a 15 minutes server maintenance, which will start at 11:45 PM, on 02-16-19. The server will be back at 12:00 AM.
    There won't be many changes in this weekend as we haven't finished balancing the new dungeon, although there's a few things to not leave it blank.
    New Content
    Necklaces Stage 4 are now available in Diamonds Shop! Added "/stuck" command. Can be used if you get stuck into a wall or something, this command should unstuck your character. Changes
    We've removed the fix we've applied to prevent our server from crashing every few days. WHY?! Because we suspect it's causing an issue that players get stuck while walking near to mazes area (more specifically Nurse). A poll will be made soon so we may know if that's what caused it. The height the "Emotes" are shown have been increased greatly as Little Dragon always stay in front of them. Thanks @mothannakh. The amount of movement speed the item "Ship Accelerator" adds have been increased greatly. Also, the effect now follows the boat to indicate the item is effective. Fixes
    Fixed an issue that would cause VIP Bless' "Slime" to not appear at all, even if you have VIP Bless enabled.  
    That's it for this weekend! This week we've invested most of our time making the new dungeon, although it's not ready for deployment, that's why the change logs are quite small at this time.
    Best wishes, Ulimate Team

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