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[UPDATE] Change Logs

Update 28 | 08-07-17 | Faller  

=> Disabled the skill "Love Line" inside Chaos Icicle and Chaos Shaitan/Newbie.

=> Fixed Diamonds Shop.

=> The skill "Blood Bull" doesn't require 2-handed weapon no more.

=> The success rate of gem combine through NPC have been changed to 100% for any levels.

Update 27 | 08-05-17 | Faller  

==> Manual patch for this update: UPO Manual Patch 08-05-17.

=> "Argent City" have been replaced by "Ultimate City".

=> "Argent City's inner part have been locked and any players inside will get automtically teleported to "Ultimate City".

=> Removed all the NPCs used to make/join guilds, now everything is handled by a single NPC named "Guilds manager - Drigo".

=> The NPC "Island Teleporter - Silvius" was removed.

=> Player can now invite other to a PvP/MvM match from anywhere in Ultimate City.

=> Added a new command "/tpult", teleports to Ultimate City.

=> A few changes to Rebirth 4 quests, now there's a NPC to acquire "Volcanic Beast Summon Scroll", "Tourist - Cathrine" at 286,161 in Ultimate City.

=> Great and Azrael exchange is now handled by one single NPC, "Gem Exchanger".

=> Added a new NPC, "Accessory Gems Exchanger" at 215,131 in Ultimate City, used to exchange Accessory Gems.

=> The map "Chaos Shaitan: Newbie" have been fixed.

=> "Volcanic Beast" can only be summoned at "Abaddon" now.

=> "Huggah's Devil" was temporary removed from "Abaddon" for future plans.

=> Fixed a bug in "Neptune Town", there were 1x Hell Phyllis and 3x Hell Lances, now there's 2/2.

=> "Neptune Island (Daily Quest)" rewards changed: 2x Azrael packs, 4x Great Gems, 2x Diamonds and 1x Relic Monument.

=> "Ascaron Invasion (Daily Quest)" rewards changed: 2x Azrael Packs, 4x Great Gems, 2x Diamonds and 1x Sapphire.

=> "Players Ownage (Daily Challenge)" rewards changed to: 2x Azrael Packs, 4x Great Gems, 1x Diamonds and 1x Ultimate Helm Pearl.

=> "Chaos Warlord (Daily Challenge)" rewards changed to: : 2x Azrael Packs, 4x Great Gems, 1x Diamonds and 1x Ultimate Helm Gold.

=> The items "Blue, Red and Black Fabric" are now tradable.

=> Added a new option to "Credits Exchanger", 25x Credits => Energy Crystal.

=> NPCs no longer randomly talk.

=> Champion's "Blood Bull" skill now works with every armor.

=> "Flash Event" have been moved to "Ultimate City".

=> "Flash Event" timing have been greatly decreased.

Update 26 | 07-27-17 | Faller  

=> The Credits Exchange rates have been doubled! Read the following post for more information: IMPORTANT: Credits Exchanger.

=> The 1.40x damage multiplier is now applied the Sharpshooters as mentioned in Update 24.

=> The Automatic Events now starts automatically. Read the following post for more information: IMPORTANT: Automatic Events.

=> Added a table with current active events to the website's main page.

Update 25 | 07-27-17 | Faller  

=> The Credits Exchange rates have been doubled! Read the following post for more information: IMPORTANT: Credits Exchanger.

=> The 1.40x damage multiplier is now applied the Sharpshooters as mentioned in Update 24.

Update 24 | 07-26-17 | Faller  

=> Added NPC used for Black Dragon Dungeon, although it's still unavailable for now.

=> Changed how Sharpshooter's damage works again, now it have been increased to 1.40x instead of 1.25x (notice that it's not yet applied, although it will take effect in the next updateall performed by the GMs). We'll keep adjusting it until we get it right.

=> Rebuilt the stall system, now it works with Diamonds instead of gold. It's pretty much the same, although now it uses Diamonds as commerce coin. Read the following post for more information: IMPORTANT: Set Stall Changes.

=> Added a new NPC "Fairy Attribute Exchanger, this NPC will be used to exchange your Fairy Attributes. The required item to exchange fairy is available in the Diamonds Shop (Fairy Exchange Sheepskin) for 15x Diamonds.

=> Added a new NPC "UPO Debugger", this NPC will be used to add "debugging" functions. For now it has "fix experience" option, it can be used if your experience isn't working as it should (not going up).

=> Fixed an issue with "Ultimate Pirates Online Downloader (BETA)" that would make our "game.exe" be detected as a virus. This issue should not happen anymore. In case you're still facing this problem, please let us know! In order to have the fixed one, you'll need to download the new setup in our downloads section.

Update 23 | 07-24-17 | Faller  

=> Sent out the players the files required for the next patch.

=> Fixed the mazes, Demonic World, etc... They were bugged for a few days, I'm really sorry for that! The issue have happened because of a simple typo in the files.

=> Updated the "UPO Downloader Setup" with a few changes as some antiviruses were detecting it as virus. The setup should be better accepted now.

Update 22 | 07-17-17 | Faller  

=> Sharpshooter's damage multiplier have been decreased from 1.75x to 1.25x.

Update 21 | 07-12-17 | Faller  

=> Updated "UPO Launcher Handler" to version 1.2.

=> Rebuilt the "downloads" page.

=> Added "UPO Downloader" option to downloads page: With this option the user can download the client directly from our server with the latest updates. The user can also close and resume the download anytime he'd like.

Update 20 | 07-09-17 | Faller 

==> Manual patch for this update: UPO Manual Patch 07-09-17

=> Added a brand new Lobby, "Lobby: Newbie". This lobby contains mazes specially for players with newbie equipments. The requirements to enter in the map are: Kylin, Fearless, Ultra or Magic equipments with gems lower than level 7 (6).

=> Added option of skipping "Newbie Introduction" to the NPC "Senna - Personal Helper". This option will grant you all the rewards obtained from the Newbie Quests.

=> Global Ranking rewards have been doubled! Now the 1st placed will receive 100x Diamonds, and the 2nd~5th 50x Diamonds.

=> Fixed "Warlord Title" reward in Global Ranking for the 1st placed.

=> Fixed an issue that would cause kills inside "Chaos Icicle" to not add any honor points.

=> Players won't lose durability nor experience after dying anymore.

=> Changed how the command "/tplobby" works, to work with the Newbie Lobby. Basically, if the player has Newbie items, he'll get teleported to Newbie Lobby.

=> Improved a few quest objectives in "Newbie Chapter" to make it easier for newbies.

=> Added the new Daily Tasks to the "Login Notification" (message with all available daily tasks).

=> Added a new command "/tasks" to check the currently available Daily Tasks for you.

=> Added players kill notification to "Aurora Area".

=> The "Bounty Hunter" bosses have been removed as requested by the players.

=> Fixed an issue with "Nami - Class Exchanger" that would cause players to stack their stats if they keep changing class until they teleport to another map.

Update 19 | 07-08-17 | Faller 

=> Fixed an issue with the mazes "rewarder" that would cause the player to disconnected and not receive any rewards. This issue would also disconnect any players in the current game server (set of maps, such as Dark Swamp).

=> Tier 4 (unique apparels) of rewards in the Dynamic Rewarder is now fixed.

Update 18 | 07-04-17 | Faller 

=> Created this Change Logs page and implemented in the website. All the future updates, fixes and changes will be listed here.

=> Upgraded the server to a brand new host with 2x better specifications than the previous one. The server should run completely lag-free now!

Update 17 | 07-02-17 | Faller

=> Changed domain name to "". Make sure to always access our website through the new domain, the old one might me unavailable anytime.

=> Added "SSL" security layer to the website.

=> Added an "Anti-DDOS" layer to the website. Not yet fully implemented.

Update 16 | 06-29-17 | Faller

=> The item "Wood" is now stackable up to 999x.

=> The item "Sashimi" is now stackable up to 999x.

=> Added a new Daily Quest: Wood Collection

=> Added a new Daily Quest: Crystal Ore Collection

=> Added a new Daily Quest: Sashimi Collection

=> Added a new Daily Quest: Great Gems

=> Added a new Daily Quest: Azrael Gems

=> The Welcome Quest "Battle Assessament" requirements have been decreased by half.

=> Fixed an issue with "Ultimate Raid".

=> Fixed an issue with "Fairy of Light" that would cause the players to lose defense after using "Fairy Body".

Update 15 | 06-28-17 | Faller

=> Fixed an issue in the HUD that wouldn't properly show the character's face.

=> Added a system to prevent equipment with gems being placed in the first place when fusioning.

=> Added a system to prevent equipment with attributes being placed in the first place when fusioning.

=> Added a system to prevent fusion of gemmed equipment without "Fusion Catalyst".

=> "Admiral Cloak" have been disabled inside "Dark Swamp".

Update 14 | 06-26-17 | Faller

=> The item "Flash Bomb Lv5" have been completely fixed.

=> Fixed a bug with the "Gem Exchanger" NPCs that they woudln't check the player's inventory for 1bil notes.

=> "Stay Online 2 Win" API have been updated to it's final version and should not encounter any bugs anymore.

=> Now players will get informed when they receive an item from a GM.

=> Now characters unjailed from "UPO Jail" will get automatically teleported out.

=> Added a new function to GMs: "Delete item command".

=> "Award Center" have been fully disabled in UPO's Website.

=> Added "Credits to Diamonds Converter" NPC.

=> Added "Online Time to Diamonds Converter" NPC.

=> Changed the "Master Neck" effect glow.

Update 13 | 06-25-17 | Faller

=> "Fairy of Thunder" now adds +15 ACC to Sharpshooters and +15 STR to other classes.

=> The base STR, ACC, AGI and SPR can now be leveled to 160, instead of 140. Con is still limited at 140.

=> Added a new anti-abuse prevention to the "Daily Tasks". Players now can't make the quests with all their alts no more.

=> The "Global Ranking" reward have been changed: 50x Diamonds to 1st placed and 25x Diamonds to 2nd - 5th placed.

=> Added a new command "/kd" to check your K/D in global ranking anytime.

=> Added "Automatic Buff" funciton to "Holy Angel": If turned ON, you'll get automatic buffed when healing with "Nurse".

=> Added a separated "UPO Tundra" instance to "Lobby: Level 55".

=> Fixed an issue with Level 1-3 "Black Dragon Gem Voucher" that it wouldn't give gems sometimes, now it will give a random gem every time it's used.

=> The monsters at "UPO Tundra" now automatically add 10m gold into the players after being killed. The chance of obtaining gold is 50%.

=> The monsters at "UPO Tundra" have gotten their respawn time decreased by half.

=> The monsters at "UPO Tundra" have been drastically nerfed and now can be killed by newbies.

=> Doubled the quantity of monsters at "Neptune Town" for the "Repeatable Quests".

=> Better placed the "Repeatable Quests" monsters at "Neptune Town" with an automatic placement system.

=> Removed the drops from the monsters used for "Repeatable Quests" at "Neptune Town".

=> Changed "Huggah's Devil"'s drops: 12x "Great Gem Packs", 6x "Azrael Gem Packs" and 5x "Diamonds".

=> Added missing quests names to Quest Interface (ALT + Q).

Update 12 | 06-24-17 | Faller

=> Added "Flash Bomb" and "Earthquake Generator" level 1 and 2 to the Lottery with random quantity set from 1 to 5.

=> Added the option "Spin All Cards" to the Lottery, used to use all your Lottery Cards at once.

Update 11 | 06-22-17 | Faller

=> The quest "Great Gem Quest" now gives 2x "Great Gem Pack" instead of 1x.

=> The missing "Mining Skill Book" have been added to "Mall - Greeg".

=> The quest "Azrael Gem Quest" now requires only 20x of each monster and resource item, instead of 40x.

=> Added "UPO Optimizer" that temporary disables some unused server functions when the server is under load.

=> Added "Disable Experience" option to the NPC "Senna - Personal Helper" at Argent Fountain. Mostly used by DSers, so they don't have to keep "No-Exp" stone into their inventory anymore.

Update 10 | 06-21-17 | Faller

=> Updated the players "Welcome" message and fixed an error with "Welcome" quest that wouldn't be given to new players.

=> Added a whole new quest chapter "Chapter 1: Newbie", introducing the newbies how the game works and giving items such as Kylin Set.

=> The "Starter Chest" won't be given to new players anymore, they have to obtain the items through the newbie quests.

Update 9 | 06-19-17 | Faller

=> Fixed a bug with "UPO Dynamic Rewarder" that would give the item "Chaos Warlord - Complete" to all the survivors in current map. Now only adds if there's ONE survivor.

=> Fixed "Auto Revival" inside the map "Ultimate Chaos".

=> Fixed "Auto Revival" inside the map "Chaos Icicle".

=> Updated all mazes monsters spawning method: Monsters now spawn every 5 minutes, no matter if someone entered the map or not.

=> When a monster wave is spawned inside a maze, now notifies in system.

Update 8 | 06-16-17 | Faller

=> Added system to prevent players from "packet upgrading/learning" skills.

Update 7 | 06-15-17 | Faller

=> Players are now allowed to party and kick inside mazes.

Update 6 | 06-14-17 | Faller

=> Classes balances as listed in the following news topic: Class balances/changes!

Update 5 | 06-10-17 | Faller

=> Fixed an issue that would randomly crash "Mazes GameServer" when a map is over.

=> Fixed an issue with "UPO Dynamic Rewarder" that would show the incorrect maze name.

=> "UPO Anti-Bot" have been re enabled.

Update 4 | 06-08-17 | Faller

=> Fixed a bug that would allow players to bypass the IP verification when killing an enemy.

=> Fixed an issue with "Global Ranking" that you'd get kill notifications even if you're not in a ranked map.

=> Fixed the NPC "Gem Combiner" at "Dream Island".

=> "Lobby: Level 100" was temporary removed (might be permanent).

=> Fully updated the website votation system, with better abuse preventions.

Update 3 | 05-31-17 | Faller

=> Fixed an issue with the item "Apparel Upgrade Stone".

=> Fixed an issue with the effect "Guild Bless".

=> General skills such as "Set Stall" have been added to the NPC "Mall - Greeg".

Update 2 | 05-26-17 | Faller

=> Fixed the following item's icon: "Neptune Town Ticket".

=> Completely fixed all the issue related to effects that add status to players, such as Admiral Cloak, Guild Bless, etc.

=> Fixed a bug with the "Pet Growth" that wouldn't update if you didn't move your pet to other slot.

=> Fixed an issue that would cause system notice that you have the same IP as the enemy.

=> "Fairy of Thunder" now adds +500 Defense instead of +250.

=> Fixed an issue with "Energy Skills".

=> Added special effect to "Blessed Potion", so enemies know whenever you're invunerable or not.

Update 1 | 05-25-17 | Faller

=> Added "Login Notification", shows up everytime the player logs with information about available quests.

=> Added new command "/alive": Shows alive players count inside mazes.

=> Removed unused items from the NPC "Pet Mall".

=> Removed unused items from the NPC "Disciple - Majed's Sister".

=> Fixed a few bugs with "Boss Respawn Notice".

=> Added mini stun effect to "Conch Ray" with 50% chance of succession when using Magic, Virgo or Ultimate Set.

=> Added mini stun effect to "Spiritual Bolt" with 50% chance of succession when using Magic, Virgo or Ultimate Set.

=> Added Supreme Skill (5x damage) chance to "Conch Ray" when using Magic, Virgo or Ultimate Set.

=> All the "Lottery" rewards have been modified, and all Manu/Pots have been removed.

=> Added a new item "Apparel Upgrade Stone (Instant 110%)" to the NPC "Disciple - Majed's Sister".

=> Removed apparel upgrade functions from Blacksmith and items from Disciple.

=> Fixed the option "100m note sto billion notes" in the NPC "Money Exchanger - Vick".

=> "Rebirth 4" updated: If you have got the skills "Love Line" or "Master Roar", they won't be lost after being rebirth anymore.

=> Removed all the "Groceries" NPCs.

=> Added "Mystic Lock" to the NPC "Mall - Greeg".

=> Added a new option "Obtain life Skill Points" to the NPC "Mall - Greeg.

=> The skill "Revival" can now be used in any maps.

=> Added "PK Indicators": If you stun, debuff or activate a supreme skill while using Lightning Bolt, Conch Ray or Spiritual Bolt, now it will be shown on bicker system (red message in middle of the screen).

=> Added a new set "Virgo Set". Available in the Diamond Shop.

=> Added the NPC "Nami - Class Exchanger": Can be used to change your class anytime with no fees.