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  1. Hey there! It's been a while since our last maintenance... And here it is again to haunt you! There will be an 1 hour maintenance today (04-29-19) to perform a few things in our server side. The maintenance will start at 13:45. Note that there won't be any noticeable changes yet, but a few things: Rare Fruits (80-100) are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Improved Fruits (100-120) are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Fixed a few exploits in our server-side. Changed our server host to another region (Europe) and improved it's hardware. Fixed a few in-game bugs. And that's pretty much it for this maintenance, nothing special as we're working in a "big" release that will come anytime soon. Ps.: You must update your client in order to be able to login. Have a nice week, UPO Staff
  2. Faller

    Weekend Event & Lv9 Gems

    Hello everyone! How are you? In this weekend we'll be performing a small event and update, just so we can slowly engage again. Event Find da GM - Basically a hide & seek event, a GM will hide somewhere in Albion and you'll have to find him. There will be a total of 10 rounds! Small Updates Lv9 gems are now available! You can combine & forge your gems up to level 9. A rare apparel have been added to Diamonds Shop's "Limited" section! The NPC "Multiple Gems Seller" have been updated, now it sells all Blacksmith Shop's gems. Fixed an issue that during one whole minute, at 00:00, players would be able to finish Daily Quests multiple times. Countdown until event starts & patch is lively applied (no maintenance): And that's pretty much it for this weekend. The next real (with actually new content) will be coming with the old accounts. We can't give an exact ETA right now, but you'll see them soon™! Have a nice weekend everyone, Ultimate Team.
  3. Faller

    Your Rig

    W T F LOLLLLLLL THAT'S INSANE! I sort of changed my pc a few weeks ago xD
  4. Faller

    Your Rig

    That 800x600 client in that HUGE screen tho lmfao
  5. Faller

    Your Rig

    OMG that's a beauty!!! Looks perfect...
  6. Hello everyone! Firstly, we'd like to discuss a little bit regarding the current state of our server. We are aware of the low activity in the recent weeks, also, sadly our staff have been away the last 1 week as well. Although, we'd like to ask you to not worry about it, we have big plans for the future of the server, and it won't be closing anytime soon, trust me, big things are coming soon. Also, I've been inactive the last few days because my PC broke down, but I expect it to be fixed by next week - I'm currently using a laptop that doesn't have any of the tools I need for developing new updates. Now to the point of this news thread, there will be a server maintenance today (03-11-19) at 21:45, we have no ETA on how long this maintenance will take, although the server should be back within 2 hours. We'll let you know in our Discord and website Chatbox! There won't be many changes in this maintenance as it's mostly focused on transferring to a new host, although expect a few things as listed below. Mazes rewarder now have the chance of giving 1x random "Great Fairy Fruit", which is used to level up your pet from level 80 to 100 (1 level per fruit). Mazes rewarder no longer gives Azrael and Great packs. Fixed an issue with story quests that would require the player to talk to a NPC which was removed. Chaos Shaitan and Ultimate Chaos no longer open within 20:00 and 07:00 as we've noticed that there isn't much activity in these maps during these hours. We've removed "Legendary Blade: Stage 3" from mazes rewards set as this item was discontinued in a previous patch. Updated "Maps Schedule" NPC, not it acts like our website widget and Discord Bot, listing current and next maps. Added the command "/maze" which shows the very same information as "Maps Schedule" NPC. Decreased the delay you can buy items from NPCs to 200ms. You must update your client in order to be able to login. And that's it! A brand new expansion will be coming to our server really soon. Have a nice week, Ultimate Team.
  7. Faller

    UPO 3.3 Changes & Events!

    Aoy pirates! Another week has passed and a whole new patch is ready for deployment! This update will be applied today in a maintenance that will happen at 06:45 AM server-time, we estimate that this maintenance will take 30 minutes, although it may take up to 1 hour. Stay tuned to the forum's Chatbox and our Discord server to know exactly when the server is back online. Missed world bosses will be spawned 10 minutes after the server is back online. Stay with me to know more regarding this update. Events VIP Blessing During this weekend, login at anytime and receive 7 days of VIP Blessing! Obs.: Event is only valid from 03-02-19 to 03-03-19, we won't give it to anyone who misses it. Time left to redeem free VIP Bless: Unscramble Words Our system will be hosting an automatic Unscramble Words Event at 03-03-19, 11:00 AM server-time! Countdown until event starts: Aries Event Our system will be hosting an automatic Aries Event at 03-02-19, 03:50 PM server-time! Countdown until event starts: New Content PvP Bar PvP Bar is now available with 1vs1 and MvsM modes! Also, we've performed many changes to how it works. Now it has the same balances as Ultimate Chaos. Also, it has it's very own monthly/overall ranking (counts wins and loses), which gives an unique monthly title to whoever is the winner in the current month, not even to mention the Diamonds! Last but not least, we've added 2 new Daily Quests for it, talk to "PvP Bar Management" (441, 443) to know more about these quests. And we're not done! Soon we'll be implementing a "bet" system, which allows both teams or players to bet an item, the winners get everything. Other New Content Albion's Arena "Ultimate Chest" now gives it's loots to the player who deals most damage. The damage count is lost if the player dies. The items are sent directly into their inventory. (previously applied during this week) Stage 4 Armor, Gloves and Boots upgrade stones are now available in the Diamonds Shop! Added tons of new apparels! (they'll be slowly release) Balances The Master Bard's skill "Healing Spring" have been buffed by 500%, dealing a total of 1k heal every second to everyone in the area. The Master Bard's skill "Healing Spring" have gotten it's cooldown time increased to 60 seconds (previously 30). The Master Bard's skill "Healing Spring" now heals the same amount inside Ultimate Chaos and Bounty Hunter as it would in any other maps (1k per second). Changes Albion's Arena "Ultimate Chest" now has 300% more HP to make it more appealing to the new system. Mazes NPCs and Portals have been moved to the recently unlocked Albion's Bar area. We have reverted the change that would automatically heal and buff players when they revive. Ultimate Raid's rewarder now announce all the party members who completed the dungeon instead of the leader's name. Small changes to how Goddess Collision handles the player sides balancing. Also, now the player's side is assigned directly into their MAC Address, which means they'll stay in the same side if they attempt to login a different character. The map have been enabled again. Added indicators to Wild Hunt's map that indicates the range limit of the fog. The green line is the limit of the first fog change (you must be inside of it), the red line indicates the 2nd area. Check screenshots below. Wild Hunt's unbalanced round now has Ultimate Chaos' balance (everyone can break everyone). February's special login rewards have been removed. Fixes Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Daily Quests, Dungeons, etc... to not reset when 00:00 comes. Fixed an issue that would allow players to use "Improved Fairy Fruits" in pets of any levels. This could be exploited to level up pets from level 80 to 100. This issue wasn't abused in the wild as there's currently only 4 fruits in the whole server, obtained from mazes rewarder. Fixed an issue with "Improved Fairy Fruits" that would cause it to be lost if the pet didn't meet one of the requirements. Fixed an issue with Wild Hunt's "Fog" that would cause it to hit players anywhere in the map. Wild Hunt's Indicators Green Area When the first fog change is announced, you must stay inside of it. Red Area When the 2nd and last fog change is announced, you must stay inside of it. And that's it for this update! Any thoughts? What would you like to see in the next update? Let us know in the comments! Have a nice weekend, Ultimate Team.
  8. Faller

    Change Password Page

    Dear players, We've just finished implementing a system that allows you to change your account password! Previously, you'd need to request an administrator to manually change your password, which could take hours & days. Now it's as easy as performing 2 clicks! Read more at:
  9. Faller

    Changing Account Password

    Do you think your account have been compromised? Would you like to change your password? You're in the right place then! Changing your account password will take you a few seconds, simply follow this guide and you'll see how easy it is! Observation: When you change your password, both your website and game passwords are changed. Also, your website account will be automatically logged out. How to do it? 1. Access your account menu and click "Account Settings": 2. Click "Change" in the password tab: 3. Fill all the required information and click "Change Password": And you're done! Both your website and game accounts password have been changed. To make sure your account is always safe, enable Account Protection.
  10. Faller

    Lost Forest Dungeon Teaser

    I got addicted to it huehue
  11. Hello! And a whole week has passed again... And here we are! First off, we'd like to apologize the issues we've had throughout this week that caused many players to lose their hard-worked ranking points, we're really sorry about that, our sincere apologize. Now getting to the subject, there will be a maintenance today at 03:45 AM that will last 15 minutes. The server will be back online at 04:00 AM if everything goes accordingly. What's New New players are now automatically assigned into the guild "Newbies". The objective is that new players can contact each other and progress together. The guild has no limit of players inside, although it doesn't show in rankings and can't participate in upcoming guild wars. We're still deciding how we'll kick out inactive players. The new player has to relog after creating their character in order for the guild chat to work properly. Legendary Rings - Stage 4 are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Improvements to Anti Tweaker Engine. Rebirth 1, 2 and 3 Stones are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Changes Mazes portals area have been temporary locked as we're analyzing an issue that causes players to get stuck in that place after the server is online for a while. Now Nurses play a little animation instead of flooding your local chat. Players now get automatically healed and buffed when they press "Revive". Buffs are given if the player has turned automatic buffs on. The in-game Player Referral system is officially disabled. The referrals made through it will get rewarded the next days. Changed "Inhibitors" models in Goddess Collision as it would be hard to target players who are close to it. The skill "Energy Web" also counts for assistances now. Balances The Champion skill "Beast Legion Smash" no longer stuns when used. The Champion skill "Primal Rage" have gotten it's cooldown decreased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. Fixes Fixed an issue that would allow Master Bards to exchange their class to Voyagers and still have "Energy Shield" effective if they used it before exchanging. Fixed a critical issue that would cause player's K/D Ranking and Resources Ranking points to be lost if the server crashes or if there's a maintenance (all the points the player acquired while the server was online would be lost). Fixed an issue that would cause Wild Hunt's "Fog" to not work at all. That's it for this week's maintenance. It was mostly focused in critical bugs we've been facing lately, so there isn't really a ton of new content. Expect new maps to come in the next week! Have a nice weekend, Ultimate Team.
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    New Referral System

    Hello everyone! We're glad to announce that we're performing major changes to our player referral program with the objective of making it easier and straightforward for everyone. Now it's as easy as copying a link and sending to all your friends! Before you'd need to instruct them to type the command in the first time they login, which usually cause difficulties and in most cases, your friends would simply forget about it. Also, now you'll receive unique achievements for referring certain amount of players, these achievements include unique apparels and titles. Our old referral system will be completely disabled in the next patch. The referrals that were made through it before this change will receive the old rewards. Note that the old referrals won't count towards this system's achievements, which means that everyone will start on 0. To know more and get your unique link and start spreading the word, access our new referral page: Player Referral. We might perform small adjustments to this system in the upcoming days according to your feedback, so stay tuned! Thank you, Ultimate Team.
  14. Faller

    Daily Quests

    Obs.: This guide also explain some quests:
  15. Faller

    Daily Quests

    Daily Quests What are Daily Quests? As the name says, Daily Quests! They are missions that you can complete over and over again, everyday. They always reset at 12:00 AM server-time. They are the most valuable and effortless way of obtaining Diamonds (taking in consideration the quest, of course). Each quest has a different difficulty, as you progress you should be able to do the harder ones. Even though, in the very beginning, you'll be able to finish a considerable number of quests as most of them are "easy". It's literally needless to say how to finish each of them, their rewards or difficulty, because their description tell you everything you need to know. And we'll focus this guide on that, explaining you how to understand what the quest requires you to do. Also, before we start, let's talk about VIP Bless. Firstly, it is a special buff that you can obtain in different ways (you can redeem a 7 days trial at 518, 491). What it does is really nice, it literally doubles the Diamonds quantity the quest rewards you for finishing it. First thing, you need to know where to start these quests, right?! And that's the easiest part, simply walk to 511, 389 and talk to "Daily Tasks Manager", he holds ALL the quests! Quest Example For the example, we'll be using the quest "Pirates Everywhere". Note the first part of the window, Difficulty. It usually explains how long the quest is and how hard it is to finish. Right after the difficulty indicator, there's the quest description. It doesn't usually contain useful information regarding the quest, although it gives you a meaning on what you're doing, it's "history". After the description, you'll see the most important part, Quest Objective. It contains all the information you need to know regarding the quest, and it follows a default sample. Location names are indicated by the color pink, coordinates are blue between parentheses, and monsters, NPCs and item names are red. Always look for the coordinates, which indicates the exact place you need to go to complete your objective. After the brief description containing all the information you need to know, there are the counters, how many of the required objective you've completed, in this case "Hunt: Beardy Pirate Sailor 0/35". In the end, you'll see what you'll get for completing the described quest, it's rewards. And that's pretty much it! I tried to keep this guide as simple as possible. If you don't understand any of the quests, don't hesitate to contact us or comment in this thread, we'll tell you everything you need to know about it.

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