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  1. Faller

    HD Commands

    Sounds cool!
  2. Faller

    Your Rig

    Really cool!
  3. Faller

    Closed Beta Appliance

    UPDATE: 10 players have applied already! If you'd like, you can still apply - but you'll be in the waiting queue (in case we need more people, or many of the appliers don't come online). Hello, Finally, it's time! We'll start our closed beta testing, if you'd like to know more, continue reading this news entry. First of all, note that the intention of this beta is to test out new features - find bugs, suggest changes and such, which means, only apply if you'll be collaborating with the development of the server, not for fun. There will be a total of 3 or 4 phases, each of them will take up a whole day, and will happen in the weekends (because that's when I'm free all day long) - 2 phases in this upcoming weekend and other 2 in the next weekend (or during the week, depends on how the first 2 days goes). Note that the development of the server isn't fully complete yet, but there are many things that we can test already. I'll be listing everything that we'll test in each day to everyone who apply, in a group chat. There will be some areas inaccessible to the tester. There will be 10 slots at first, perhaps we'll increase it in case it's needed. The first 10 players to apply will be the participants. Obs.: You'll be able to login your old characters in the closed beta testing, but everything you do on it will be rolled back when the beta is over. Please only apply if you'll be available in the upcoming weekends and if you'll collaborate with our team! The only requirement is to have an existing account in UPO. Make sure to confirm your account name and character name in the text field. Date, time and the download files will be sent in the group chat that will be created with all the applied players. -> APPLY HERE <-
  4. Faller

    HD Commands

    Nah, there's no way to automatically generate questions xD
  5. Faller

    HD Commands

    Quiz isn't automatic, it needs questions xD It can be configurated to work automatically, but we need questions for that
  6. Faller

    HD Commands

    Quiz would be cool I guess xD Unscramble we have got an automatic system now, let's see how it goes hmmm yea? xD
  7. Faller

    Website Updates 05-27-18

    06-19-18 WEBSITE UPDATES: The server status now shows current server load, total created characters and accounts. Also, now it has a caching system that expires every 5 minutes (meaning that the status are updated every 5 minutes). Added friendly icons to every forum section, better representing each of them. some other fixes...
  8. Faller

    HD Commands

    Thanks guys! I think that's good too. Regarding events, should HDs be able to handle events too? What kind of events? Regarding goto: I think we should limit it - if the target player is inside a dungeon or maze, the goto must not work, because it would be exploitable. Regarding alt + P: It can be just like the megaphone system, something like "<Help Desk Message>: -msg-".
  9. Faller

    HD Commands

    Hello! In this thread, I'd like to ask you what command would be best suitable for an HD, and their exceptions (example: &goto but doesn't work if target player is inside a maze). Note that adminstration level commands, such as direct server side interaction and &make commands won't be available anyhow. And that's pretty much it! In your opinion, what powers should an HD have in our server?
  10. Faller

    [POLL] <Ended> Demonic World Anti-Frost Potion

    Feature added! Thanks everyone for voting.
  11. This feature have been added! Moves the item located in the 8th inventory slot (the small bag with an arrow below) to your temporary storage. Gemmed items, Cloak, Pet and Shield of Eternity cannot be moved. The fee is 4m (if you'll move a stack of 99x items, it will cost only 4m, not 99x 4m). The command is '/storage'.
  12. Esa es exactamente la idea! Muchas gracias por comentar tu idea
  13. Hello! As part of the UPO 3.0 update, the Temporary Bag now has the same slots quantity as the normal inventory. But isn't that too big for the Temporary Bag? Well, probably. That's why I'm thinking of making a new item or command, "Move to Temporary Bag". Although, items that contains gems (also pets, cloak, shield of eternity) wouldn't be eligible to this system, because their additional stats would be lost when transferring. Even after that, would you think that this system would be useful? What items would be nice to be stored in this place? Let me know down below!
  14. Faller

    In-Game Help Center

    Well, I think that would be quite long for this section, as it's just a small window (as you can see above). It's mostly focused in quick tips I think these sort of info should be in the forums. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  15. Faller

    In-Game Help Center

    Hello! I've recently upgraded the "help center" that we have in-game, before it would only give you useless information (things that would be useful in a vanilla server). Now it gives useful information, according to our server. I've added some small guides (information), my question is, am I missing anything? You can check the list below.

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