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  1. Faller

    Server Pause

    Dear players, Due to the recent inactivity, we're officially going into a server pause. But don't take that wrongly, we're not closing! We intend to come back with UPO, with TONS of updates, which are on the works already. More news will show up soon, including a closed beta date. Stay tuned! Thank you all for all the support throughout the 3 years we've been online.
  2. Faller

    Change Logs 06-15-2019

    Hello everyone! And here are the updates! Are you ready for them? In this patch we have focused mostly on improving newbies experience with combining, guild improvements and fixing the many issues that are happening inside Snowy Rumble. What's new Guild leaders can now promote any members to guild co-leaders! The leader simply has to use the command '/coleader' and specify the player name and if the permission is being given or removed (example: '/coleader Faller,add' <- That makes Faller a co-leader. '/coleader Faller,remove' <- That removes Faller from a co-leader). Co-leader can only accept and remove players from the guild, they cannot delete it or change the motto. Added a cool-asf NPC: Vault Gems Combiner. Can be used to combine gems that are inside your vault into any levels. The gems inside of your vault can be of any levels, our system will do the calculation automatically and send back the extra gems (e.g: if you want to combine 1x Lv4 gem and have 1x Lv5 gem in your vault, you'll receive your combined lv4 gem and the other part of your Lv5 gem will be added back into your vault). Check it out at 460, 351. There is a fee (wly): 7m multiplied by the gem level. The NPC "Multiple Gems Seller" have been renamed to Combined Gems Seller and now sells combined gems from lv 3 to lv9. There is a 15% fee (we swear wly). Now our system now notifies all your guild members when a mate come online and when someone joins the guild. Added a cool Dummy at 530, 491. Check it out! The dungeon Lost Forest is temporary disabled. What's fixed Fixed an issue that would cause Shield of Eternity to enable after using the skill Fairy Body. This is a bug because Shield of Eternity isn't meant to be enabled right now. Fixed an issue that would allow players to stealth before entering Snowy Rumble. Fixed an issue in Snowy Rumble rewarder that would cause it to not reward the 2nd and 3rd placed players. Also, the achievement for scoring over 400 points wouldn't count. Fixed an issue that would cause Snowy Rumble system to not balance sides properly. Fixed an issue that would cause the monsters "Ancient Mystic Shrub" and "Ultimate Chest" to disappear if they aren't killed for a while. And that's it for this patch! We couldn't deliver everything we wanted, but we will the next days. There will be a 10 minutes maintenance at 19:50 (06-15-2019) to apply the updates. Ps.: You will need to update your client in order to be able to attack the dummy. Best regards, Ultimate Team.
  3. Aoy pirates! A brand new update has arrived, are you ready? --YES, CAPTAIN!!-- K New Maze: Snowy Rumble A whole new maze is in the area! This map will replace the old and unwanted Chaos Shatain, which is getting totally removed. This map is score-based, meaning that the player who kill most wins the reward. All the 3 first placed players will get rewarded, with the same items, although with different quantities. As mentioned above, the objective in this map is to hunt as many players as you can! Each kill will count 2 points, assistance will count 1. Also, every 4 minutes, a "snowman" effect will appear in a random player inside, if this player survives during 25 seconds, he wins 15 points - although, if he isn't strong enough for that, whoever kills him receives 10 extra points. Players are assigned to a side as soon as they enter in the map, this side randomly changes automatically every 2 minutes. They are also balanced to make sure both sides have the same amount of players. The status inside this map are balanced. Isn't it cool? Come and give it a try! Ps.: This map is on early-stages, so it might contain small bugs, although we'll be working hard to solve them as fast as possible, if there are any. This map is named "Snowy" as thanks to @sonicrush0 for suggesting us this cool idea! Other Changes The events 3x Rewards, 3x Donation, 3x Referral and balanced maps are now over. The rewards for the referrals will be sent out with time. VIP Blessing is back! Also, a free VIP Blessing trial (7 days) is available once again for all players. Check 518,490. The dungeon Lost Forest now gives experience points as reward too. The reward for completing the dungeon Lost Forest have been increased from 7x Diamonds to 10x Diamonds Flash Bombs Lv2 are now available! As of now, you can either buy them in Diamonds Shop or inside Snowy Rumble. Mazes now open every 1 hour, no matter what time it is. A new achievement is now available: Score up to 400 points in Snowy Rumble. The download links have been updated with latest patches. Balance Changes The Sharpshooter skill Frozen Arrow now stuns for 2 seconds inside balanced maps. The slow debuff dealt by the skills Frozen Arrow, Cripple and Abyss Mire have been slightly increased inside balanced maps. Fixes Fixed an issue in the dungeon Lost Forest that it wouldn't allow players to repeat it in the next day, Fixed an issue that would allow players that aren't in "PK Mode" to be attacked by players who are in PK mode. Fixed an issue that would cause the message "You have a new mail!" to keep showing up after the player has read the new mail. Fixed an issue that would cause a very few players to disconnect right after logging to the game. Fixed an issue that would cause players to disconnect when trying to make a new character. There will be a 1 hour maintenance at 20:45 (06-11-2019) to get everything in order in our server to apply the updates. Ps.: You'll need to update your client in order to play without any issues. And that's it for this update! Stay tuned for more changes to mazes, Black Dragon Dungeon and Guild Hall soon! Best regards, Ultimate Team.
  4. Faller

    Goddess Collision PK

    Thanks Nagato for this awesome vid!
  5. Hello everyone! Firstly, we'd like to announce the winners of the small event we've done in our Facebook page and then a few special events that will be going on until the end of this week! Also, we'll be telling you a little bit regarding the changes that were applied to our server in the last 2 days. Facebook Event Winners The winners of the share event we've done in our Facebook Page are: Abdelilah Mawloud Alibert Lota Frost White Congratulations to the winners! We'll get in touch with you in order to give your rewards. Also, we'd like to thank everyone who participated! You might have not won this time, but who knows tomorrow?! Stay tuned to our page for more events. Also, we're always doing giveaways in our Discord. Donation Promotion After analyzing, we've concluded, why aren't donation 3x too, if everything in-game is giving 3x rewards during this week?! Donations of any amounts will be rewarded 3x! For example, if you donate 5$, you'll get 300x Diamonds instead of 100x. This promotion is valid until Sunday 03-09-2019. You can access the donation page here! Referral Bonus Following the same principles as donation, we'll be boosting the rewards for any referrals made from 06-01-2019 to 03-09-2019! The person who refers, receives 200x Diamonds, the person invited gets 100x Diamonds to get started. What are you waiting for? Check out our Referral Program. Change Logs 06-04-2019 The map "Chaos Shaitan" is now balanced old-school alike! Everything is still in beta phase. Please give us feedback if you find any skills that are way over-power or needs buff. Thanks @mothannakh Added "PK Mode". Use the command '/pk' to be able to PK players all over Albion! The players in PK Mode will have a red aura and a special effect above their head. Ps.: You can only attack players who aren't in a safe zone. Fixed an issue that would cause players to get randomly disconnected when adding new friends. Fixed an issue that would cause players to get disconnected when trying to make new guilds if they insert the character "space" in their name. Fixed an issue that would cause "Legendary Necklace: Stage 2" to upgrade to an random item while using a specific old stone. AFK players can no longer be invited to PvP Bar matches to prevent "force-accept" exploit. The following items can now be turned into Diamonds in the Junks Exchanger: Blue Experience Pacakge, Red Experience Pacakge, Ultimate Helm Pearl, Ultimate Helm Gold, Ultimate Helm Blueprint Manual and Ultimate Helm Catalyst. 06-03-2019 Fixed an issue that would cause Black Dragon mobs to disappear from "Bounty Hunter" after the first time it opens. Fixed an issue that would cause offline to not work at all for many players. The NPC "Junks Exchanger" have been added back. You can find it at 545,355. Fixed an issue that would cause old accounts to not be able to login in our website. Fixed an issue with the in-game "Discord" button that would cause compatibility issues for some players and added it back. Fixed an issue that would cause the apparel "Purple Kylin Cap Apparel" to not be fuseable. Corrected description typos in the items "Ultimate Stone: Stage 4" and "Ultimate Stone: Stage 5" as they were missleading. The Master Bard's skill "Recover" now removes Carrion Ball's effect. This month's KD ranking warlord necks have been moved to the new winners. Ps.: There will be a 5 minutes server restart today (04-06-2019) at 11:45 PM to apply the latest changes. Best regards, Ultimate Team.
  6. Faller


    Well, I think that's the lowest you can get by the way... ahhahaha Honor is 3x during this week too SORRY
  7. Aoy pirates! We're excited to announce that we're finally unlocking the old accounts! Even better, we'll be performing tons of events and adding new content to our server. During one whole week, the rewards of everything will be 3x and all the PK areas will have balanced stats (everyone will hit the same), so everyone can catch up. Save the date, it is June 1st. As for now, we'll be pausing the server on May 23, so we can get everything prepared for the release day. A news entry will be posted in the future containing all the changes that are coming with this update. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook page and Discord channel. Best regards, Ultimate Team.
  8. Hey there! It's been a while since our last maintenance... And here it is again to haunt you! There will be an 1 hour maintenance today (04-29-19) to perform a few things in our server side. The maintenance will start at 13:45. Note that there won't be any noticeable changes yet, but a few things: Rare Fruits (80-100) are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Improved Fruits (100-120) are now available in the Diamonds Shop. Fixed a few exploits in our server-side. Changed our server host to another region (Europe) and improved it's hardware. Fixed a few in-game bugs. And that's pretty much it for this maintenance, nothing special as we're working in a "big" release that will come anytime soon. Ps.: You must update your client in order to be able to login. Have a nice week, UPO Staff
  9. Faller

    Weekend Event & Lv9 Gems

    Hello everyone! How are you? In this weekend we'll be performing a small event and update, just so we can slowly engage again. Event Find da GM - Basically a hide & seek event, a GM will hide somewhere in Albion and you'll have to find him. There will be a total of 10 rounds! Small Updates Lv9 gems are now available! You can combine & forge your gems up to level 9. A rare apparel have been added to Diamonds Shop's "Limited" section! The NPC "Multiple Gems Seller" have been updated, now it sells all Blacksmith Shop's gems. Fixed an issue that during one whole minute, at 00:00, players would be able to finish Daily Quests multiple times. Countdown until event starts & patch is lively applied (no maintenance): And that's pretty much it for this weekend. The next real (with actually new content) will be coming with the old accounts. We can't give an exact ETA right now, but you'll see them soon™! Have a nice weekend everyone, Ultimate Team.
  10. Faller

    Your Rig

    W T F LOLLLLLLL THAT'S INSANE! I sort of changed my pc a few weeks ago xD
  11. Faller

    Your Rig

    That 800x600 client in that HUGE screen tho lmfao
  12. Faller

    Your Rig

    OMG that's a beauty!!! Looks perfect...
  13. Hello everyone! Firstly, we'd like to discuss a little bit regarding the current state of our server. We are aware of the low activity in the recent weeks, also, sadly our staff have been away the last 1 week as well. Although, we'd like to ask you to not worry about it, we have big plans for the future of the server, and it won't be closing anytime soon, trust me, big things are coming soon. Also, I've been inactive the last few days because my PC broke down, but I expect it to be fixed by next week - I'm currently using a laptop that doesn't have any of the tools I need for developing new updates. Now to the point of this news thread, there will be a server maintenance today (03-11-19) at 21:45, we have no ETA on how long this maintenance will take, although the server should be back within 2 hours. We'll let you know in our Discord and website Chatbox! There won't be many changes in this maintenance as it's mostly focused on transferring to a new host, although expect a few things as listed below. Mazes rewarder now have the chance of giving 1x random "Great Fairy Fruit", which is used to level up your pet from level 80 to 100 (1 level per fruit). Mazes rewarder no longer gives Azrael and Great packs. Fixed an issue with story quests that would require the player to talk to a NPC which was removed. Chaos Shaitan and Ultimate Chaos no longer open within 20:00 and 07:00 as we've noticed that there isn't much activity in these maps during these hours. We've removed "Legendary Blade: Stage 3" from mazes rewards set as this item was discontinued in a previous patch. Updated "Maps Schedule" NPC, not it acts like our website widget and Discord Bot, listing current and next maps. Added the command "/maze" which shows the very same information as "Maps Schedule" NPC. Decreased the delay you can buy items from NPCs to 200ms. You must update your client in order to be able to login. And that's it! A brand new expansion will be coming to our server really soon. Have a nice week, Ultimate Team.
  14. Faller

    UPO 3.3 Changes & Events!

    Aoy pirates! Another week has passed and a whole new patch is ready for deployment! This update will be applied today in a maintenance that will happen at 06:45 AM server-time, we estimate that this maintenance will take 30 minutes, although it may take up to 1 hour. Stay tuned to the forum's Chatbox and our Discord server to know exactly when the server is back online. Missed world bosses will be spawned 10 minutes after the server is back online. Stay with me to know more regarding this update. Events VIP Blessing During this weekend, login at anytime and receive 7 days of VIP Blessing! Obs.: Event is only valid from 03-02-19 to 03-03-19, we won't give it to anyone who misses it. Time left to redeem free VIP Bless: Unscramble Words Our system will be hosting an automatic Unscramble Words Event at 03-03-19, 11:00 AM server-time! Countdown until event starts: Aries Event Our system will be hosting an automatic Aries Event at 03-02-19, 03:50 PM server-time! Countdown until event starts: New Content PvP Bar PvP Bar is now available with 1vs1 and MvsM modes! Also, we've performed many changes to how it works. Now it has the same balances as Ultimate Chaos. Also, it has it's very own monthly/overall ranking (counts wins and loses), which gives an unique monthly title to whoever is the winner in the current month, not even to mention the Diamonds! Last but not least, we've added 2 new Daily Quests for it, talk to "PvP Bar Management" (441, 443) to know more about these quests. And we're not done! Soon we'll be implementing a "bet" system, which allows both teams or players to bet an item, the winners get everything. Other New Content Albion's Arena "Ultimate Chest" now gives it's loots to the player who deals most damage. The damage count is lost if the player dies. The items are sent directly into their inventory. (previously applied during this week) Stage 4 Armor, Gloves and Boots upgrade stones are now available in the Diamonds Shop! Added tons of new apparels! (they'll be slowly release) Balances The Master Bard's skill "Healing Spring" have been buffed by 500%, dealing a total of 1k heal every second to everyone in the area. The Master Bard's skill "Healing Spring" have gotten it's cooldown time increased to 60 seconds (previously 30). The Master Bard's skill "Healing Spring" now heals the same amount inside Ultimate Chaos and Bounty Hunter as it would in any other maps (1k per second). Changes Albion's Arena "Ultimate Chest" now has 300% more HP to make it more appealing to the new system. Mazes NPCs and Portals have been moved to the recently unlocked Albion's Bar area. We have reverted the change that would automatically heal and buff players when they revive. Ultimate Raid's rewarder now announce all the party members who completed the dungeon instead of the leader's name. Small changes to how Goddess Collision handles the player sides balancing. Also, now the player's side is assigned directly into their MAC Address, which means they'll stay in the same side if they attempt to login a different character. The map have been enabled again. Added indicators to Wild Hunt's map that indicates the range limit of the fog. The green line is the limit of the first fog change (you must be inside of it), the red line indicates the 2nd area. Check screenshots below. Wild Hunt's unbalanced round now has Ultimate Chaos' balance (everyone can break everyone). February's special login rewards have been removed. Fixes Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Daily Quests, Dungeons, etc... to not reset when 00:00 comes. Fixed an issue that would allow players to use "Improved Fairy Fruits" in pets of any levels. This could be exploited to level up pets from level 80 to 100. This issue wasn't abused in the wild as there's currently only 4 fruits in the whole server, obtained from mazes rewarder. Fixed an issue with "Improved Fairy Fruits" that would cause it to be lost if the pet didn't meet one of the requirements. Fixed an issue with Wild Hunt's "Fog" that would cause it to hit players anywhere in the map. Wild Hunt's Indicators Green Area When the first fog change is announced, you must stay inside of it. Red Area When the 2nd and last fog change is announced, you must stay inside of it. And that's it for this update! Any thoughts? What would you like to see in the next update? Let us know in the comments! Have a nice weekend, Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Pirates Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based in the historic "Tales of Pirates". Our server counts with numberless new content and customized game-play intended to make your experience even better. We're always updating our server with new content, so you're never left behind. We are online since 2016 and have plans to keep going, forever and always. Come and join us now for the Ultimate Tales of Pirates experience!