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    AHOY PIRATES! You are now reading the dungeon guide section. In this section, we will explain about where and what you do inside the dungeons. You will also know what rewards you can get from the dungeons. You can check the dungeons coordinates at Albion’s Dungeons Manager. Note: These dungeons can only be done one time per day! Albion’s Dungeons Manager - 544,542 Abandoned Mine Dungeon - 584,599 In this dungeon you have to kill: 20x Miner Mole 20x Pumpkin Knight Reward: 2x Great Gem Fragment and 2.5% Experience Abandoned City Dungeon - 902,598 In this dungeon you have to kill: 10x Firm Guard 10x Mechanical Magic Robot Reward: 2x Great Gem Fragment and 2.5% Experience Love Island Dungeon - 992,842 In this dungeon you have to kill: 30x Sakura Pirate Militia 30x Sakura Pirate Sailor 30x Sakura Pirate Fighter Reward: 2x Great Gem Fragment and 2.5% Experience Black Dragon and Lost Forest Dungeon - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Ultimate Raid Dungeon For more info regarding the dungeon : We wish you luck Dungeon Dwellers!!! Best Regards, @[Carrot] & @Dominate
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    path where fire meets ice LOLL xdd
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    World Cup

    fk nob its croatias wc
  5. ok.. no need to remove stun.. just remove this auto cripple thingy ? XD
  6. oh damn i forgot this post was about matching crus with ss.. XDDDD ( anyways remove stealth =o=" )
  7. all i can say is remove ss stealth - ss dont need stealth =o="
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    Bunny~ Screnshot.png

  9. [Carrot]

    Lags & Disconnects Solution (1/3)

    why no europe 1 and 2 now..
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    Content Suggestions

    Remove SS stealth... SS doesnt need stealth .-.
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    Regarding Gems

  12. [Carrot]

    Guide: Black Dragon Dungeon

    wow im amazed @ dominate XDDDDDDDDD

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