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  1. shakira25

    UPO Hall of Fame

    Who's deserve to be in Hall of Fame, the most glorious awesome cool player in the history of UPO? Come and Vote!!! (dont suspend me)
  2. shakira25

    Who's your Most hated player in upo

    Vote your way to support this player to regain popularity.
  3. shakira25

    [POLL] <Ended> Champion Changes

    yeh,champ's rb skill are messed up , i aggree with eoni, i got slow down like 80%,its like u crawling when you get stepped by that shirt.
  4. shakira25

    Player's Ownage quest is absurd

    Nowday's Player ownage require way more energy than any other quest (well except for chaos warlord they were always belonged to those 2 big guild ,if they want all they have to do is ask [my chaos warlord task havent finished yet let me stay cool? cool.] ) those player are way more experience than us and got way more people than we do -.- most nob are alone ,even if they joined a guild (except for noblesse and moomoo other guild arent active at pk coz they always lose they're not strong enough to join those big guild ) o.o why make it so hard faller.
  5. shakira25

    Player's Ownage quest is absurd

    I feel you man, this task sucks big time pig time now ,whereever we go there's these two big guild (noblesse and moomoo) in there , when we complained they said we should go to CI its balanced, and they were never alone ,they're with a army behind them and most of us are all alone ,impossible to get a kill everytime i try to sneak on someone there someone hiding in shadow waiting for guys like me .this task is taking longer than ever without working with other (i kill you 30times you kill me 30 times) its so hard to achieve , can we change it back ? it doesnt really encourge people to participate PK.

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