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  1. Mustache


  2. Mustache

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    One point I have, look at top maze winners (players) and this look at kitty squad guild wins ;3 says alot!
  3. Mustache

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    in my honest and humble opinion, fu nico
  4. Mustache


    a GM sitting by two love birds
  5. Mustache


  6. Mustache

    [POLL] <Ended> What's your favorite maze?

    Cause its my favorite map? I mean maybe I am faller's slave but I still have the right to vote
  7. Mustache


    Nike Goddess Wings: Flying Golden Wings:
  8. Mustache


    I didn't, I just couldn't do it in "information" for some reason I couldn't click ;3
  9. Mustache


    Due to many players requests, here is pictures of all (current) wings in the diamonds shop. Butterfly Wings: Golden Wings: Mechanical Butterfly Wings: Undead Wings: Ghoul Wings: Dragon Wings: Mystique Wings: Spring Faerie Wings: Crystal Wings: Bat Wings: Cherry Blossom Wings: Hippogriff Wings: Macaw Wings: Dragon Wings: Devil Wings: Fallen Dragon Wings: Ebony Dragon Wings: Fallen Angel Wings: Vampiric Wings: Elven Wings: August Wings 1: August Wings 2: August Wings 3: Rainbow Wings: Angelic Wings: Note I didn't include rebirth wings, as it easily obtainable. I wanted to put those as "gifs" so it has better presentation but my pc wouldn't record, so I had to put just pictures :).
  10. Mustache


    whos that handsome guy
  11. Mustache

    New Staff Member!


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