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  1. fhelgalindo

    Market Guide

    and can you avoid shortcut of names of the item? like Fairy of Thunder it became FOT :3
  2. fhelgalindo

    Market Guide

    @Faller can you add click confirm before buying cuz its annoying when u misclick it and it will be insta buy ._. and the text is hardly to see rip thunder
  3. fhelgalindo

    (Rewards TBD) Player Referral

    Yaaaaaaay Diamonds Incoming ^^
  4. fhelgalindo

    Dawn Date <3

    Dawn Date w/ Superman (1:15am)
  5. fhelgalindo

    Master Bard Nerf

    @Faller Ima request for Master Bard nerf's in DS about the ABYSS MIRE slowing us alot and the High Bolt in DS we die in 3 bolts ( 15k ea bolt) and lastly we cant kill master bards in ds
  6. its da same for SS, we use Gun and Bow ^^
  7. fhelgalindo

    [POLL] <Ended> Frozen Arrow Mini Stuns

    uhmm can we get back our mini stun? even its 0.5 sec cuz we need it to stop anyone :<
  8. fhelgalindo

    Master Bard Nerf

    i agree with this , in warrior of arena its impossible to kill master bard cuz of high def and crazy hp
  9. uhmm . i would like to suggest to bring back bd mobs at ice land so we can do daily quest not involving pkmaps~
  10. fhelgalindo

    [POLL] <Ended> Revival Skill

  11. fhelgalindo

    (Important) Account Merge Proposal

    men i play UPO cuz the motto is NO WIPE , so everytime i get free time irl i can go back to upo and play i dont want to grind again :< im a non maller and veeeeeeeeeeeeeeri old player have fun
  12. fhelgalindo

    (Important) Account Merge Proposal

    i dont support this, just lock the accounts or reduce the stats of the gears so that newcomers can kill old ones .. and for equipments its easy to farm them
  13. fhelgalindo



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