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  1. mothannakh

    [POLL] <Ended> Guild War Balances

    haha u know the reason i guess?
  2. mothannakh

    Master Bard Nerf

    in normal maps should let them tank lil bit , lol since they r useless in pk maps " only for seal or revive"
  3. mothannakh

    old upo :P

    old upo
  4. mothannakh

    Change Logs 12-26-18

    mm it's already gona so give em back
  5. mothannakh

    [SOLVED] Bugged Apparels

    add this
  6. mothannakh

    (Outdated) In-game Ranking Titiles

    i made them apps before o.o izi
  7. mothannakh

    (Outdated) In-game Ranking Titiles

    c.c u going make that title uselful? cuz it's neck as i remember
  8. mothannakh

    [Suggestions] Reputation Rework

    welcome nib
  9. mothannakh

    [Suggestions] Reputation Rework

    i remember my alts had around 2m rep if i'm not wrong so if u want do something with that just be careful before put it at least remove rep scroll from game and make new one or idk! but we had alot of it and rep can be used to get some staff same as honor
  10. mothannakh

    Wipe v2.0

    Wipe em all and leave my crus
  11. mothannakh

    What was your favorite single-player game?

    damn that game look cute i just started my game life with mario xD
  12. mothannakh

    UPO 3.0 Release Date Delay

    take ur time if it's make server better
  13. mothannakh

    Movement Precision Tip

  14. mothannakh

    UPO CA (very old)

    haha yea it's xD

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