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  1. mothannakh

    Can't Login

    repair in launcher
  2. mothannakh

    Hexathlon Guide (Hexa)

    Hexathlon Guide: when? The quest will show up on weekends at specific times. Saturday: From 13:00 to 15:00 server-time. Sunday: 01:00 to 03:00 server-time. where? Hexa NPC located at 509,631 Albion City what to do? Hexa contain 6 parts of quests You have to finish each part to can obtain the next part Part 1 Monsters Location's : After done quest objects head back to same NPC to finish it Part 1 Reward : Part 2: Items locations : 1- Ja RuneStone : Inside Demonic World from Imaginary Snow Doll 2# wood area 3- Sashimi: 4- Energy Ore: Part 2 reward : Part 3 : Monsters Locations & loots: 1-Man-Eating Spider : Albion Cave 806,253 2-Sticky Spider Legs from Man-Eating Spider 3-Sand Raider : Albion Cave 882,340 4- Knight Attest from Sand Raider 5- Sandy Tortoise : Albion Cave 871,283 6-Corase Tortoise shell from Sandy Tortoise 7-Hopping Lizard: Albion sand area 916,163 8-Flowery Lizard Skin from Hopping Lizard Part 3 reward : Part 4 : Monsters and items locations : 1-Ancient Sandy Tortoise Albion Cave 928,321 2-Cavalier at albion cave 781,307 3-Man-Eating Spider Queen at albion cave 671,244 4-Aberrance Hopping Lizard at Albion sand area 937,83 5- Edible Mushroom at sand area 6-Scorpion Stinger from Big Scorpion at Albion sand area 7- Scorpion Tail from Baby Scorpion at sand area 8-Medicaster Hearb at sand area 674,196 Part 4 reward : Part 5 : Sea Area 1-Sea Jelly 2-Transparent Sea Jelly Skin from Sea Jelly 3-Electric Sea Jelly 4-Glittery Sea Jelly from Electric Sea Jelly 5-Tempest Sea Jelly 6-Slimy Sea Jelly Skin From Tempest Sea Jelly Part 5 reward : Part 6 Final Part : Monsters area : Note this PK Area! You can repeat the quest again ! Heptathlon Reward Chest including random quantity of : Great Gem of Rage Great Gem of Soul Great Gem of Striking Great Gem of Colossus Great Gem of Wind Azrael's Glare Undead Azrael Azrael's Light Azrael's Aggregation Azrael's Dance Ultra Gem Ultimate Gem EXP Pamphlet ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Helpful Commands for hexa /save where to use? You can use it front of Navy Boy so later you can back faster using /go Important Note! All loot Quest items may do not count inside your quest for now but don't worry! quest still working take the items and finish it!
  3. mothannakh

    Achievements titles List

    Title: Nolifer how to get : Stay online for 500 hours Title: Strenuous how to get : Complete 250x Daily Quests Title: Conqueror how to get : Win 250x Mazes Title: Dungeon Dweller how to get : Finish 100x Dungeons Title: Lumberjack how to get : Reach lv10 in Woodcutting Title: Fisher how to get : Reach lv10 in Fishing Title: MinerMole how to get : Reach lv10 in Mining Title: Retriever how to get : Reach lv10 in Salvage Title: Entrepreneur how to get : Reach lv3 in Set Stall Title: Addicted how to get : Login 10 days consecutive Title: Warlord how to get : Be the Warlord Title: Explorer how to get : Unlock all Teleport Totems Title: Hunter how to get : Be the last survivor in Wild Hunt x50 Title: Sweetheart how to get : Donate for the first time # Dark Aura Glow how to get : Donation Level 2 (100$) Title: Sponsor how to get : Donation Level 3 (250$) Title: Patron how to get : Donation Level 4 (500$) Title: Philanthropist how to get : Donate 200$ in one transaction Title: Tundra how to get : Tundra Quest Title: UPO how to get : Facebook share event Title: Tourist how to get : Finish Meeting Ultimate City quest Title: Platinum how to get : Be the 1st in any Rankings (Nami) Title: Golden how to get : Be the 2nd in any Rankings (Nami) Title: Silver how to get : Be the 3nd in any Rankings (Nami) Title: Pirate how to get : Be referred to the game Title: Legend how to get : Reffer 5 players to the game Title: Lord Snow how to get : Score up to 400 points in Snowy Rumble Title: Mighty how to get : Level 100 achievement
  4. mothannakh

    Corona Mask review

    Corona Mask Blue Corona Mask Pink
  5. mothannakh

    Wings Review

    Sacred Faerie Wings Nature Faerie Wings Mechanical Butterfly Wings Tinker Wings Nike Goddess Wings Undead Wings Ghoul Wings Fallen Angelic Wings Butterfly Wings Angelic Wings Ebony Dragon Wings Vampiric Wings Rainbow Wings Devil Wings Dragon Wings Elven Wings
  6. Ultimate Set Stage 2 Legendary Weapons Stage 2 Legendary Helm Stage 2 Legendary Accessories Stage 2 August Pet 4 Apparel August Pet 1 Apparel August Pet 2 Apparel August Pet 3 Apparel Angela Junior Apparel Angela Apparel Little Dragon Apparel Diamond Beast Apparel Evil Spirit Apparel Hamburger Apparel Pixie Apparel Red Angela Apparel Blue Angela Apparel Black Angela Apparel Green Angela Apparel White Angela Apparel Purple Angela Apparel Nine Tails Apparel Jolt Bolt Apparel Black Knight Apparel Baby Cat Apparel
  7. mothannakh

    [POLL] <Ended> Guild War Balances

    haha u know the reason i guess?
  8. mothannakh

    Master Bard Nerf

    in normal maps should let them tank lil bit , lol since they r useless in pk maps " only for seal or revive"
  9. mothannakh

    old upo :P

    old upo
  10. mothannakh

    Change Logs 12-26-18

    mm it's already gona so give em back
  11. mothannakh

    [SOLVED] Bugged Apparels

    add this
  12. mothannakh

    (Outdated) In-game Ranking Titiles

    i made them apps before o.o izi
  13. mothannakh

    (Outdated) In-game Ranking Titiles

    c.c u going make that title uselful? cuz it's neck as i remember
  14. mothannakh

    [Suggestions] Reputation Rework

    welcome nib
  15. mothannakh

    [Suggestions] Reputation Rework

    i remember my alts had around 2m rep if i'm not wrong so if u want do something with that just be careful before put it at least remove rep scroll from game and make new one or idk! but we had alot of it and rep can be used to get some staff same as honor

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