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  1. Its time to make a comeback! :D
  2. Exnus

    PAYDAY 2 - The End

    After playing this game for 4 years .. seeing it end like this, it really breaks my heart.
  3. Exnus

    We have a farm now! :O

    You are going to chop with a pickaxe?
  4. Exnus

    (Rewards TBD) Time Conversion

    Weekend Event: Exchange x2, x4, x6 (?) xD
  5. Exnus

    Offline Stall

    TIP: Don't press ESC when you want to log-out after opening your stall! xD
  6. Exnus

    (Oudated) Moving items to Temporary Storage

    Career Lot, TS lv1/4, CB lv1/4?
  7. Exnus

    (Outdated) In-game Ranking Titiles

    The hidden jackpot inside one npc " a disabled system"
  8. Exnus

    (Outdated) In-game Ranking Titiles

    I think I have a few of them in many alts e.e but good thinking! I wanna be in the top 3 first Admirals
  9. Exnus

    [Suggestions] Reputation Rework

    It's not torture, it's reality! People always want new apps.. including me. Regarding the post, we can trade rep for better ships, new titles, glows, honor, bps, achievements is an option too, etc.
  10. Exnus

    PvP Bar & Dungeons - Suggestions

    How about : BD and Ult Easy BD and Ult Normal BD and Ulti Hard The easy one should be for lv60-100 maybe? and everyone would have the same stat.
  11. Exnus

    Your Rig

    I like yours, so clean :o ! but the monitor is kinda small in my opinion xD
  12. Exnus

    Closed Beta Appliance

    Yey ♥
  13. Exnus

    HD Commands

    Maybe you could ask the mods to help with the questions! (And they will not be allowed to participate because they know the answers ) Everyone can think of a couple of questions, don't you think?
  14. Exnus

    In-Game Help Center

    Maybe equipment and how to invest your diamonds (if you are new to the server) (?)
  15. Exnus

    What was your favorite single-player game?

    Banjo - Kazooie / Tootie (From Nintendo 64) Its a platform 3D game, it features challenges like solving puzzles, jumping over obstacles, collecting items, and defeating bosses. These games are from Steam: Half life is a science fiction first-person shooter (with zombies!) Considered one of the greatest video games of all time! Portal is a puzzle-platform video game in first-person. Consists of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting using the Portal Gun. The Binding of Isaac is an indie Roguelike (perma-death and pure RNG) and Bullet Hell (dodge overwhelming numbers of enemy projectile) type. There are more that +1000 items to play with. The Talos Principle (same as Portal) is a first-person puzzle game with awesome level design, a lot of hidden secret and sooo many easter-eggs!

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