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  1. Mr.DarkLord

    HD Commands

    Ohh lol...i thought its automatic hahaha
  2. Mr.DarkLord

    HD Commands

    Yea since quiz and unscrambe are automatic i think HD can be in charge of hide and seek events
  3. Mr.DarkLord

    HD Commands

    Yea goto should be limited. About events...idk xD
  4. Mr.DarkLord

    HD Commands

    Ohh yea lol...i forgot on mute xD
  5. Mr.DarkLord

    HD Commands

    I think goto,call,hide and alt+p (or how you talk on system...i forgot xD) is enof. Maybe call and hide is too much already.
  6. Mr.DarkLord

    Items that can be stored in Temporary Bag

    Well since you cant put manus there and items like cloak,shield etc...i think it would be useless. Just my opinion...maybe im wrong. xD
  7. Mr.DarkLord

    [POLL] <Ended> Demonic World Anti-Frost Potion

    W8...why are we talking here about that? lol
  8. Mr.DarkLord

    [POLL] <Ended> Demonic World Anti-Frost Potion

  9. Mr.DarkLord

    UPO is Officially Paused!

    Few months*
  10. Mr.DarkLord

    What was your favorite single-player game?

    I would go for The Witcher 3 also, following Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Assessins creed(Ezio collection).
  11. Mr.DarkLord

    Rear Fairies

    Well...idk hahaha
  12. Mr.DarkLord

    Movement Precision Tip

    LOL See what happens when you mark whole forum as "read"
  13. Mr.DarkLord

    Rear Fairies

    Yea i think darkness added only 100 dodge
  14. Mr.DarkLord

    (Free Diamonds) Legendary Tree of Fortune

    Yea hahaha....well last few days i was using only dark...or i didnt come on at all xD
  15. Mr.DarkLord

    (Free Diamonds) Legendary Tree of Fortune

    Well i was one of those players who parked 10 alts at tree and chop chop 24/7 and beacuse i got alot of diamonds from it i wasnt doing any daily quests (and beacuse im lazy ass ). I think this new tree is good idea beacuse players will actually have to do something if they will want better items, not just park chars at tree and wait few days. Also server will be more active not like now...383625274 chars at trees and like 5 players actually doing something

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