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  1. Mr.DarkLord

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit (1 week later)

    Better make 5 ppl per guild...or delete them all...no guilds -.-
  2. Mr.DarkLord

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    If we accept this i think nothing would really change beacuse all guilds have like 7-10 players...others are just alts xD
  3. Mr.DarkLord

    Your Rig

    @Panda Here xD
  4. Mr.DarkLord

    Player Setups

    We already have thread like this somewhere xD
  5. Mr.DarkLord

    Newbie Guide: Useful Commands

    If you have VIP bless you can use /save at any place in Albion and later you can teleport there with /go. Example: If you use /save at blacksmith you can teleport there with /go.
  6. Mr.DarkLord

    Regarding Vault ( Easier Way to do Gemming )

    Hi, you didnt understand what?
  7. Mr.DarkLord

    [DQ] Wood Collection

    200x wood*
  8. Mr.DarkLord

    Limitations at launch

  9. Mr.DarkLord

    UPO is Officially Paused!

    Dont make us wait for 1 year xD
  10. Mr.DarkLord

    Creating & Joining Guilds

  11. Mr.DarkLord

    Ultimate Pirates Online 3.0 Trailer

    Omgosh Love the song ❤❤
  12. Mr.DarkLord

    In-game Ranking Titiles

    Well...you should
  13. Mr.DarkLord

    In-game Ranking Titiles

    I think ur pills stopped working xD
  14. Mr.DarkLord

    In-game Ranking Titiles

    Hes pro hacker

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