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    [OUTDATED] Daily Tasks

    Hey UPO Fans, here is a way to obtain Diamonds daily. NPC Albion's Daily Tasks Manager {511,388}1) World Bosses2) In Search of Knowledge3) Players Ownage4) Way to the Top5) Black Dragon Annihilation6) Chaos Warlord7) Wood Collection8) Crystal Ore Collection9) Sashimi Collection10) Great Gems11) Azrael Gems12) For Science13) Pirates Invasion1. World BossesThese bosses spawn every 1 hour, and everyone who attacks them get the kill.World Bosses Information {519,619} - this shows the location and spawn times of each boss. Be sure to check this out.2. In Search Of KnowledgeHead over to Dream Island, portal found at {528,512} and obtain 10 Lost Book Pages & 2 Lost Book Covers, they can be found all over Dream, if you don't see them wait until they respawn.3. Players OwnageKill players in any Pk map.. BH,CI, UC, Arena 4. Way to the TopComplete 2 Daily Tasks. Reward is 1 diamond.5. Black Dragon AnnihilationBlack dragon mobs can be found inside of BH maze and also u can go to Totem 6 around that area u can find them {922,741}Mysterious Crystal are also found in Dream Island. 6. Chaos WarlordBe the last player to finish in BH,UC,CI..NOTE: to check how many players are remaining in a maze type in local chat /alive.7. Wood CollectionNote : To wood cut ,ore mine and farm sashimi you need the skills. Quest obtained at NPC Tool Skills Teacher {503,406}You can find some Pine trees around these areas {438,681} {360,677} {333.692} {242,720}. You will need an axe for cutting wood, this can be purchased from the NPC General Seller at Albion {520,511}8. Crystal Ore CollectionYou can find Ore around this area with a blue background {822,860} {772,871} {688,815}. You will need a Pickaxe for Ore Mining, this can also be purchased from the NPC General Seller at Albion {520,511}9. Sashimi CollectionTo farm sashimi u need a boat, boats can be brought from NPC General Ships Builder {304,652}. You can then set sail at Harbour Operator Lovey {301,661} to start farming. 10. Great GemsFinish this quest x2 with desperate navy boy {509,631} to obtain rewards. You will need to check the quest times to see when you can complete the quest.Beardy Pirate Sailor/Fighter/Militia Mobs can be found around {532,670} {497.717} and Kal Runestone are obtained through them.11. Azrael GemsFinish this quest x2 with desperate navy boy {509,631} to obtain rewards. You will need to check the quest times to see when you can complete the quest. This quest is similiar to the great gems quest.12. For ScienceHunt the plants around Albion.Mystic ScrubThis can be found all over the city. Here is where i found some {312,686}Snowy Mystic ScrubThis can be found around the area of the Black Dragon mobs (BD) and Crystal Ore Area {861,702}Orange Mystic ScrubThis can be found around Totem 4...this orange background area also has other bosses such as Lava Dragon,Hell's Phyllis Protector and Hell's Lance Protector so becareful when u go there.For those who don't have Totems you can find these scrubs here {339,901}Ancient Mystic Scrub This plant is rare but can be found around coords {492,703} {397,714} 13. Pirates InvasionHelp the wounded navy boy. Navy boy can be found at {189,851} Totem 3, when you are finish return to Daily Task Manager in Albion for rewards. Pirate Guardian spawns every 1 hour at {190,894} ..you can also check NPC Boss Knowledge {506,617} to see the remaining time before it respawns.Thank you for viewing, I hope this information was very useful.. In Game:UniBee <3

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