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  1. sonicrush0

    Lost Forest Dungeon Teaser

    Glad you liked it.
  2. sonicrush0

    Lost Forest Dungeon Teaser

    yeah, it's korean(LAY) ft. alan walker.
  3. sonicrush0

    Legendary Tree of Fortune

    My friend, I got the same time issue as yours, and if you are really into pk. The server has balanced maps where you actually don't need any type of equipment or gems to pk with. Just straight to pk. I didn't farm a single day nor afk farmed, yet, but I am here enjoying these maps until I have the time to farm and do stuff. So you could always pk in balanced maps regardless ( If pk was your issue ). Adding that I got a lot of my items stage 2 just by opening at 1 map (CI) because of the time issues in my schedule. Good luck either way!

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