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  1. Dominate

    Help Desk (HDs)

  2. Dominate

    HD Commands

    I think as for the events, how bout unscramble and upo quiz Also 1 question do HD get that blue symbol HD thingy above the char name ?
  3. Dominate

    [POLL] <Ended> Demonic World Anti-Frost Potion

    hahaha sorry for my randomness lmao , bored af xD i guess imma watch Bleach again
  4. Dominate

    [POLL] <Ended> Demonic World Anti-Frost Potion

    wow i joined after a year the server began ? Faller Joined : 1 June 2016 Dominate Joined : 1 June 2017 Lel..
  5. Dominate

    Website Updates 05-27-18

    finally the emojis
  6. Dominate

    What was your favorite single-player game?

    Pokemon - Gameboy , NDS
  7. Dominate

    Rear Fairies

    wow i always checked and see i only get 100 dodge (?) , if i'm wrong then RIP xD i told newbies wrong info about it then o_o You can make those 3rd generation pets into Rear Pets ?
  8. Dominate

    Movement Precision Tip

    Sounds like double-edged sword, even so now i want to try this cause i never tried it before ._.
  9. Dominate

    Movement Precision Tip

    LMAO this is so true in the game's guild chat i usually misscall them whenever they're both online ._. to @Chanmi : " Chal are you using revive ? " to @Chalsea : " Chan are you up for dungeon ? "
  10. Dominate

    Movement Precision Tip

    WOW i never knew this thread exist damn it...
  11. Dominate

    Rear Fairies

    Can we add Fairy of Water or Fairy of Ice ( Fictional Fairies that don't exist in any other server yet xD ) Effects : Add Crit Chance and 5 stat of Str , Acc , Spr ( Depends on Class ) Side Effect : Slow down enemy who hits its owner for 2 seconds. Oh well, Dream On ^
  12. Dominate

    (Free Diamonds) Legendary Tree of Fortune

    oh well bye useless 10 characters ( most of them are rb 4 hahaha ) , anyway i can only use 6 clients to afk before so.... , thought recently i only open 2 for pk only ,no woodcutting at all , all i see is @Mr.DarkLord's alt , @[Carrot] and some players alts on legendary trees
  13. Dominate

    (Free Diamonds) Legendary Tree of Fortune

    Finally It's Nerfed
  14. Dominate

    (Free Diamonds) Legendary Tree of Fortune

    Everyone is busy as you know a game is just one way to spend your free time, things went easy anyway ever since Ultimate City was created ; Old players have it hard and never relies on legendary tree to make their character stronger. On the other hand, eventhough you can't get easy diamonds from tree anymore, the server still has many easy ways to earn diamonds.
  15. Dominate

    Rear Fairies

    Wasn't the darkness pet suppose to add 100 dodge only in the game before ?

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