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  1. Dominate

    Mazes (UC, BH, CI and CS)

    Bounty Hunter is the only maze lasts for 40 minutes
  2. Dominate

    Lost Forest Dungeon Teaser

    COOL , lol the song is so chinese @sonicrush0
  3. Dominate

    Complete Guide: Basic Things You Need To Know

    Aite noted. Thankyou
  4. Dominate


  5. Dominate

    [SOLVED] NPC-Senna gone....

    lmao thank you for reporting, i'll hit her up
  6. Dominate

    Well Played Bug!

    is it me or i never encounter this ? but isn't the problem is on novice poss ?
  7. Dominate

    Well Played Bug!

    @Faller xD u didn't mention her
  8. Dominate

    Complete Guide: Basic Things You Need To Know

    Hello, it's actually 8 hours hehe , this is because LD is part of the boss rank and it gives 3 azz and 6 gr8 chest to last hitter. You can also unlock totem 4 and complete bonus skill quest by killing LD. I know it's hard but be patient to wait xD everyone been there with these hardships
  9. Dominate

    Noblese Oblige

    @Chanmi u said so in discord
  10. Dominate

    [POLL] <Ended> Region Research

  11. Dominate

    Noblese Oblige

    U will go to nico ne
  12. Dominate

    Ignore Command

    How bout adding a new command ? /ignore [Player Name]
  13. Dominate

    Community poll

    hahahaha even @Faller voted KKKKKKKKK
  14. Dominate

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    yo, just fyi everyone, NoOb started with just me and rot leaving from MooMoo , it was 2 vs the world for 3 days did we complain ? no because we wanted to pk and we hire a noob newbie @Macross , so it was 3 players for 3 days and people said we allied just when it's also always me or me and rot vs the world in Warriors Arena and other mazes, then i found out @Ralph was playing so let's get the legendary Aesir guild leader here, and there you have it people join and it become the guild you see now , so blame @Ralph !!! Anyways me and @[Carrot] did move but just fyi we did make a change in the pk a lil bit but MooMoo is always more than us, ofc certain cases like 1 or 2 mazes we're more than them but hey it's timezone once again, you all shouldn't complain, if you can't win a maze what should u do ? well just get a guild... still not enough ??? get players and make an army. Don't disband it lots of time like @Panda Also, in my opinion, it should be limited to 20 at least or if that doesn't work how bout limited to 15 ip what i mean by 15 ip is that you can join a guild with limited 15 ip but u can also join alt which comes from the same of those 15 ip.
  15. Dominate


    y u do dis ??? @fatinxe @Eoni @Panda @Chanmi , i know you just want to click on me easier if i use bear app

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