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  1. Soah

    [POLL] <Ended> Region Research

    Australia, and same at the start i wasnt lagging, just dcs, now its laggy with dcs all the time
  2. Soah

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    Also with 2 big guilds everyone is just ganna fight over who stays for chaos warlord and prizes lmaoooo
  3. Soah

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    Idk about this tbh, seems like an alright idea but i dont think it’ll do that much? One is that if ever it becomes like a foursome , it’ll just be a waiting game of whoever engages first , thats if it even ever lines up anyway. I think main problem is activeness and timezones of players, and less on the actual guild size, so unless that was somehow fixed, then yeah. (Not saying that guild size doesnt play a role, i just dont find it as big of a contributing factor) From what i noticed, im almost always with the same 3-5 people around the time I play, ofc at times it changes , but when sometimes I go out of the usual time frame that i play in, sometimes im by myself or just with 1 other. Surpising for a biiigg guild right?? I think best solution is to have 2 big guild with equal members of active of different time zones. Then each guild can start recruiting a newby each while keeping it balanced in numbers and helping them out. (Main reason we dont accept newbies is because it’ll only make the guild bigger which people already complain about) Unfortunately there are problems (ofc) One being is its hard to determine activeness and timezones and split em equally and another is players that make themselves distinguishly dislikable among the player base which would definitely make either or both guild leave em out. Another thing also is with maxing and gemming equips, we needa make that more farmable? Outside of ds and all for like gr8 and azz frags maybe? Its too hard to be able to help a newbie or even for them to try to catch up out in terms of items and gemming, the game is highly competitive in getting better equips and preparing/saving stock for upcoming patches for gems, and because of the limit/difficulty for obtaining chest this it makes it hard to share some for among others?
  4. Soah

    [POLL] <Ended> What's your favorite maze?

    I wanna vote for 2 so i wont vote at all, its uc and bh
  5. Soah

    [POLL] <Ended> What's your favorite maze?

    Um excuse me, who gave this slave rights to give his opinion and talk back to us C’mon faller, have a better leash for your slaves
  6. Soah

    1 Year of Forum!

  7. Soah

    Master Bard Nerf

    Gatta agree on the CI recent buff to 50% it does feel a bit too op? o33o 25% was too little though so maybe try 40% or something?
  8. Soah

    Official Thread for Balances

    Mmmm, we (bard players) werent asking for buffs though, we’re merely defending not complaining. Also heal and aoe heal over all does almost nothing for people in mazes we heal like 1k and the aoe heals 20-200 for people with over 100k hp? Unless its CI but everyone recovers hp almost instantly there. So tbh healing in mazes is pretty useless (decent outside of them though so meh) and still no, i dont agree to the part that mbs have the 2nd highest speed o33o again im not complaining, our aoe slows make up for it
  9. Soah

    Master Bard Nerf

    Mmm never said that but hmm Why should we stay away from warriors or wild? That’s prettty moot though lmfao. why dont you stay away from all the map you can break us then?? If following that way thinking. -____-
  10. Soah

    HD Commands

    We could do hide and seek?
  11. Soah

    What was your favorite single-player game?

    Mine would be Devil May Cry 3, its fast paced with really fun combos Also Uncharted 4, nice storyline
  12. Soah

    Skills Stages Path

    Maybe instead of having all skills down, maybe instead you can pick a select few of skills or more preferably the extra/dream skill upgraded till it becomes a aviable use in pk

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