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  1. Soah

    Official Release Date

    Heh its getting closer huehuehue
  2. Soah

    HD Commands

    We could do hide and seek?
  3. Soah

    What was your favorite single-player game?

    Mine would be Devil May Cry 3, its fast paced with really fun combos Also Uncharted 4, nice storyline
  4. Soah

    Skills Stages Path

    Maybe instead of having all skills down, maybe instead you can pick a select few of skills or more preferably the extra/dream skill upgraded till it becomes a aviable use in pk
  5. Soah

    Skills Stages Path

    Actually now that ive had more time to have think about it, it would be a little bit too unfair for magic classes which are highly skill dependent where as pretty much every other class are barely (hue) affected even if you remove all their skills
  6. Soah

    Skills Stages Path

    That sounds like a great idea :o makes progressing not just about dungs leveling and gear
  7. Soah

    Features Suggestions

    Ya know what app id like to see, its newbie app like the ones you get at lv 1 xD and for example like level 10 swords for crus. Idk theres something about dressing up like a newbie that i like ( weird kinks and fetishes sorry) oh also like the owl set at lvl 30 for ami, the kangaroo one as well. Plus the newbie staffs Mm yeah xD i luv mi apps sooooz
  8. Soah

    Features Suggestions

    Carsisbard plox
  9. Soah

    Features Suggestions

  10. Soah

    Help Desk (HD) Recruitment

    Uff yeah tbh same here been way too busy since i started studying, plus work has been giving me more shifts so i dont event have energy to play xD still quite active in forum -?which i frequently check, just recently tho i havent joined in the discussions just cause im on the meh side of things otherwise yeah o33o Definitely interested for it, just unable to be as active as i was before xD
  11. Soah

    [POLL] <Ended> Leveling System Rework

    LOOOL what a forceful poll, she aint ganna take no for an answer
  12. Soah

    UPO 3 - Closed Beta Appliance

    Yus, i hope im available on the times need us though xDD
  13. Ooo yes long ranged melee for bards >:D str bards 4 life, have those staff come with str points so we can get high max please huehuheueuehe ^^ lmfao (i still wanna see how high a bard can get with full str and umg would be though— with lv7 umg i only got around 55k) wanna get around 90k hue ;D mmm hp i think is alright, just needa boost on sp recovery to have ES uptime greater to make up for it. As well as the chipped gems hopefully coming through soon hue.
  14. For CI balances Idk when exactly it was you changed it, but you lowered maximum SP for bard. SP gets depleted so fast its almost pointless to use ES. So if you can increase that that would be awesome . - dont forget recovery rate though And also to fix abyss mire and cursed fire (pretty sure you’re working on it already though huehue if not get a move on >:c jk jk)
  15. Ah yes an increase in bolt damage too would be nice, its especially painful to try to 1v1 someone in uc where you can barely take down a quarter of their hp during your seals full duration. Majority would just stick to me until the seal ended e_e. - as mentioned before maybe chance of double damage and increased chance of 5x Healing definitely needs a boost, even with constant heals, while in bd my team would still be dying. Pretty much useless inside mazes too, they heal like 3k while inside when most players have 150k-200k hp xD so a boost in Healing spring would be nice too, it heals 200 huehuehuebuehue Also if you could lower Crystalline Blessing cd, 2 mins is very long o33o way too long Firaga - if you could make this one do the same thing as bolt -where it multiplies in damage based on monster/player This one is a maybe - a boost in sp regen its very slow.

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