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    Let's Make UPO Alive Again!

    Well even tho im not active because im trying to focus on my study, i have few suggestion for better pk for server. 1.)Add fb lv2-3-4 2.)No delay BP cast, so those who dont have the bp tweak for delay wont cry about being cancelled. 3.)disable party in pk maps ,so players wont just spam fb cause of its aoe and chance to stun his own teammates and backups plays will happen.
  2. Nardz

    Ultimate Raid Guide

    NPC Where to start the Ultimate Raid Ultimate Raid Manager (412,927) TAKE NOTE: You must be in a Party with 2 or more. But i suggest you to do it full party for easier ,faster and low chance to fail it. Atleast get a 2-3 Good Gemmed players to be with you. It can only be done once a day after reset. *Once you die here you will fail the Raid and you need to wait for the reset in able to do the Ultimate Raid again, So Please be careful ! Each Round you will finish System Will Automatically going to give you 1x UR Sapphire and 1x Red Exp chest UR Sapphire Can be use to make your Eternity Shield And Red Exp chest You can use for Leveling lv125-130 1st Round-Easy Round - get atleast 5k def and 85 pr above to tank these mobs and 70k to kill in a good time Morpheus Abyss Demon 0/3 will be spawned here 2nd Round Morpheus Abyss Demon 0/6 3rd Round Morpheus Abyss Demon 0/9 4rt Round Death Knights 0/3 TAKE NOTE: This Death Knights are dangerous stuns are important here. Death Knights have chance to seal you for 1 minute and a chance to 1 shot you. Stuns should be Manage here you guys cant just use your stuns in just 1 Death Knight 1 Stun =1 Death Knight will be good and kill it as fast as you can. 5th Round Death Knight 0/4 Morpheus Abyss Lord 0/4 Abyss Lord-Tyran 0/2 Abyss Lord-Demon Flame 0/2 AGAIN: Kill the 1 abyss Lord Tyran and Demon Flame spawned in front of you. Then after that kill Death Knights before Morpheus Abyss Demon Again Kill Death Knights and Ignore Morpheus Abyss Demon near him!! 6th Round Kara`s Daughter of Goddess 0/1 This Boss is Easy but it might kill you if you dont have the Required Def to tank it. After the kill you will be teleported back to city in 5 sec And DONE YOU JUST FINISHED YOUR FIRST ULTIMATE RAID ENJOY PLAYING ULTIMATE PIRATES ONLINE -NARDZ
  3. Nardz

    [OUTDATED] Daily Quests (ESPÑOL)

    Im from planet Yekok
  4. Primero de todo Busqueda diaria NPC y sus coordenadas (512,389) Estas son la busqueda diaria y las cosas que debes hacer 1.)World Bosses : * Aqui esta el NPC donde puedes encontrar el World Bosses List Esta ubicado cerca de la ciudad fuera de (519,619) World Bosses Information -Tambien puedes consultar aqui cuando o donde puedes encontrar a los jefes. Verifica el tiempo simplemente escribeiendo el comando /time 2.)In Search Of Knowledge En esta busqueda debes obtener Lost Book Page 0/10 Lost Book Cover 0/10 Usted puede encontrar estos articulos alrededor de Dream Island,puede teletransportarse alli simplemente escribiendo un comando /tpdream 3.)Way To The Top -Solo tiene que completar 2 tareas diarias enumeradas alli y ya puede completar esta busqueda Ten en cuenta que no necesitas entrar en laberinto para cultivar estos bd mobs, hay una parte del mapa donde puedes encontrar estos mobs de bd Esta en la parte de hielo (702,636) Su origen aleatorio en la parte superior de tundra 5.)Players Ownage Necesitas matar a 0/30 Jugadores para completar esta tarea , La misma muerte por IP no contara - Puedes obtener las muertes en Mazes o Arena Area Puedes pedirle a un amigo que te mate si puede o ganarlo tu mismo jugando en el laberinto ,pero no puedes hacerlo si aun eres un principiante, asi que te sugiero que te saltes o como amigo que sacrifiques. 6.)Chaos Warlord Tienes que ser el ultimo sobreviviente en ul laberinto, no es necesario para los principiantes que todavia no sabenada, asi que no lo hagas por ahora. 7.)Wood Collection ,Crystal Ore Collection and Sashimi Collection *Para Wood Collection se encuentra fuera de la ciudad cerca del mar (432,683) Puedes ver mas si vas mas alla *Crystal Ores (683,819) Hay mas informacion sobre el area azul o el mapa. *Sashimis (304,365) -Obtener un bote para (Harbor Operator- Lovey) Entonces Navegue 8.)Azreal Gems and Great gems Quest Finsih 2x quest each of them Ir a NPC (Desperate Navy Boy) (509,632) esta fuera de la ciudad Cerca de la lista de jefes mundiales NPC te dira que elementos o mata mata debes obtener. 9.)For Science! *Mystic Shrub 0/20 se propaga por la ciudad Puedes encontrarlos cuando salgas de la ciudad *Snowy Mystic Shrub 0/10 Esta ubicado en toda la parte de hielo de la ciudad *Orange Mystic Shrub 0/5 Puedes encontrar esto en el Lava Dragon ,Hell Lance Protector and Hell Phyliss Protectors Area de spawn (335,916) Tenga cuidado con estos jefes y mini jefes,le sugiero que use sigilo qui. *Ancient Mystic Shrub 0/1 Las ubicaciones exactas que se donde puedes encontrarlo (142,674) (401,712) Si no esta alli debe ser matado asi que solo espera a que reaparezcan. 10.)Pirate Invasion 30 mata Pirate 006 30 mata Pirate 007 30 mata Pirate 008 Pirate Guardian 0/1 -Crear cada 1 hora Puedes verificar el tiempo de reaparicion en la lista boss Obtener el elemento de busqueda en Daily Task Manager At Albion (512,389) Then Find Wounded Navy Boy a (188,849) The Pirates 006-008 Mobs and Pirate Guardian Spawn Area (197,911) -Despues de terminar las mafias,se necesuta matar y Pirate Guardian Volver a Wounder Navy Boy a (188,849) para completar la busqueda y obtener las recompensas en Daily Task Manager en Albion (512,389) Enjoy Playing Ultimate Pirates Online Espero que las guias que hice te ayuden en tus comienzos -Nardz
  5. First Of all the Daily Quest NPC and its Coordinates (512,389) These are the Daily Quest and Things you need to do. 1.)World Bosses : * Here`s the NPC where you can find the World Bosses List Its Located Near City Outside at (519,619) World Bosses Information -You can check here too when or where you can find the bosses. Check the time by simply typing the command /time 2.)In Search Of Knowledge In this quest you need to get Lost Book Page 0/10 Lost Book Cover 0/10 You can find these Items Around Dream Island ,You can teleport there by simply typing a command /tpdream 3.)Way To The Top -You just need to complete a 2x Daily Tasks listed there and you can complete this Quest already 4.)Black Dragon Annihilation- Note you dont need to go inside maze to farm these bd mobs ,there is a part of the map where you can find these Bd mobs Its in the ice part (702,636) its random spawned in Upper part of Tundra 5.)Players Ownage You need to kill 0/30 players to complete this task , Same IP kill wont count - You can get the kills in Mazes or Arena Area You can ask a friend to give you a kill if can or earn it by yourself by pking in maze but you cant do that if youre still a beginner so i suggest you to skip or as a friend to give a kills. 6.)Chaos Warlord You need to be the last survivor in a maze , not necessary for beginners that still cant pk so nevermind this for now. 7.)Wood Collection ,Crystal Ore Collection and Sashimi Collection *For Wood Collection its located outside city near the sea (432,683) You can see more if you go further *Crystal Ores (683,819) Theres more around the Blue Area or the map. *Sashimis (304,365) -Get a boat to (Harbor Operator- Lovey) Then Sail 8.)Azreal Gems and Great gems Quest Finsih 2x quest each of them Go to NPC (Desperate Navy Boy) (509,632) its outside the city Near World Bosses list NPC will tell you what items or Mob kills you need to get. 9.)For Science! *Mystic Shrub 0/20 its Spread around the city You can find these when you go out of the City *Snowy Mystic Shrub 0/10 Its Located in All of Ice part of the City *Orange Mystic Shrub 0/5 You can find this in the Lava Dragon ,Hell Lance Protector and Hell Phyliss Protectors Spawn Area (335,916) Be careful of these boss and mini boss , i suggest you to use stealth here. *Ancient Mystic Shrub 0/1 The Exact Locations I know where you can find it (142,674) (401,712) If its not there it must be killed so just wait for their respawn. 10.)Pirate Invasion 30 kills Pirate 006 30 kills Pirate 007 30 kills Pirate 008 Pirate Guardian 0/1 -Spawn every 1hour You can check the time respawn in Boss list Get The Quest Item in Daily Task Manager At Albion (512,389) Then Find Wounded Navy Boy at (188,849) The Pirates 006-008 Mobs and Pirate Guardian Spawn Area (197,911) -After Finishing the Mobs kill needed and Pirate Guardian Go Back to Wounder Navy Boy at (188,849) to Complete the Quest and get the rewards in Daily Task Manager in Albion (512,389) Enjoy Playing Ultimate Pirates Online I hope the guides i made ,will help you for ur beginnings -Nardz

Ultimate Pirates Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based in the historic "Tales of Pirates". Our server counts with numberless new content and customized game-play intended to make your experience even better. We're always updating our server with new content, so you're never left behind. We are online since 2016 and have plans to keep going, forever and always. Come and join us now for the Ultimate Tales of Pirates experience!