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  1. Chanmi

    [POLL] Wild Hunt & Warriors Arena

    In Wild Hunt ppl just ran with stealth until the map closed so no one won. I would say make the map smaller and/or disable stealth. About Warriors Arena, magics didn't do damage at all, so it was only a map for dmg and it wasn't fair :<
  2. Chanmi


  3. Chanmi

    Complete Guide: Basic Things You Need To Know

    I just wanted to say hi Dommy:D
  4. Chanmi

    Noblese Oblige

  5. Chanmi

    [POLL] <Ended> Region Research

    I didnt have any connections issues with last UPO. It all started since 3.0.
  6. Chanmi

    [POLL] <Ended> Region Research

    Yeh im from central america btw
  7. Chanmi

    Noblese Oblige

    #RottenShit #IMissNoob #RecruitMe #Dom
  8. Chanmi

    [POLL] <Ended> Region Research

    Very laggy and dcs all the time
  9. Chanmi

    Community poll

    The poll we really needed.
  10. Chanmi

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    Why do we always have to keep splitting? Dom already did it to for the pk. At this rate its gonna be a 4 members guild and I bet nothing will change because our guild is basically at most (rarely) 10 players and the most active maximum of 4 (based on what ive seen with the diff time zones) The rest are literally alts. About being maxed, not more than 4 are. So I really doubt the problem is about the guild size but the players itself.
  11. Chanmi

    Hello darkness my old friend...

    damn that was the best thing i saw
  12. Chanmi

    Screenshot (126).png

    Rot is quacking
  13. Chanmi

    Screenshot (125).png

    Yes im working on that... someday!
  14. Chanmi

    Screenshot (125).png

    But no one has beaten Rots rewards...

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