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  1. Chanmi

    [EVENT] Unscramble Announcement

    I am basically being too good hahah but yeah I was joking they should think for them huehuehue
  2. Chanmi

    [EVENT] Unscramble Announcement

    I can say the answer and the fastest to copy my answer is the winner. :^) Good Luck boys.
  3. Chanmi

    Website Updates 04-28-18

    ohh i just saw this update hahah i loooove the navy cap so cute
  4. Chanmi

    Account Safety (Guide)

    Np :) anyways i already did the other two hahaha also offtopic but i love that new add under your player info and that navy cap is lovely -o-
  5. Chanmi

    Account Safety (Guide)

    Both calling and text. It seems like the whole Authy doesnt work.
  6. Chanmi

    Account Safety (Guide)

    When I tried to enable the phone security option this messaged popped up 'We are experiencing some temporary issues with our verification system and could not verify your account. Please wait a moment and try again.' Other than that everything works fine and nice add!
  7. Chanmi

    Skills Stages Path

    I would prefer that you work on FC, DS, another maze or dungeon and the guild halllll its forgotten heheheh
  8. Chanmi

    Achievements System Suggestions

    I would say: Great minds think alike :^)
  9. Chanmi

    Achievements System Suggestions

    For starters: Reach X level. Obtain X diamonds. (shit, I forgot the weapon's name hue...) Obtain the starter weapon that everyone sells in stalls. Obtain Legendary equipment. Reach X billions. Obtain the Little Dragon. Sell 10 items in stall. Forge your equipment once (then increase to +6, +12, etc.) Kill 100 players. Do Rebirth 1, 2, 3 and 4. Not for starters :^) : Be the Warlord. Kill Barborosa. Kill any dungeon boss (perhaps, maze's bosses if it's going to be added *I mentioned this in another post.) Reach top 5 in mazes. Forge your equipment to the max (+27 including accessories and cloak.) Have X honor. Have X reputation (just to make an use for it.) Kill 1,000 players. Stay inside a maze for the whole 30 minutes, or in another words, Don't die inside a maze. :^) ...) Kill the arena chest. Complete 50 achievements. Reach max level of the Little Dragon. Have less than X deaths for the month. Others: Richass! Buy the Richass Coin Shower. Donate once. Buy an apparel from the mall. Obtain a rare apparel (f.e, the UC coins app *mentioned in another post.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The yellow coded ones are the ones that are continuous. It increases every time you complete the one presented. For example: Kill Barbosa. It will start with one then it will increase to 5, 10, 15, etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will leave it until here for now, since I got homework to do. I hope everyone likes the ideas ^^ if not then gfy jk.
  10. Chanmi

    Achievements System Suggestions

    something i thought of about the glows just to make it easier for you or just as a 'test' meanwhile you work in the actual glows is that you can use the lv85 rings glow
  11. Chanmi

    Achievements System Suggestions

    Okay I have something in mind but my brain like doesnt want to translate it to english now so yeah... i will come back later lol
  12. Chanmi

    Rebirth 4 Event (somewhere in 2016)

    RebirHT xD
  13. Chanmi

    Kraken Event

    Aww I want Kraken added to game again hahah hope to see it soon :o
  14. Chanmi

    UPO Updater - Final Version

    yassss love it especially the repair button
  15. Chanmi

    (Free Diamonds) Player Referral

    Weeeee cool! But I don't have friends! hahaha anyways nice add -o-

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