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  1. Kitty


    To Kawai *.*
  2. Kitty


    I want the " Fallen Dragon Wings "
  3. Kitty


    i'm not in this pic ! omg nub Panda reported
  4. Kitty

    UPO v3.2!

    Yes Bards r safe oh my !!!
  5. Kitty

    Kitty Squad

    Fun Times With Those Nubs
  6. Kitty

    Family Love

    Oh My Look At The Cute Ami
  7. Kitty

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    Hmm 2 or 3 mazes took over by us compared to what ? the all day long mazes won by either you or No ? our wins are very small and limited i dont think just because we got few wins while you guys are away means the idea of guild issue got fixed, the real issue is between " Mo and No "
  8. Kitty

    Meteorite Event Grand Winner!

    Oh my congratz BmB !
  9. Kitty

    Kawaii *_*

    only for this kawai ami !
  10. Kitty

    Kawaii *_*

    Found the perfect twin to be my partner in crime !
  11. Kitty


    yes that's him xD
  12. Kitty


    Ay Kawaiiii pic
  13. Kitty

    Ultimate Raid

    Nice guide !
  14. Kitty


    took me lots of time to get to them while they did it in 1s u.u they hacking ban them Erza !!!
  15. Kitty


    Oh my Oh my someone is in trouble ! tsk tsk

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