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  1. Abdulla738

    Why the server was down?

    nice background pic i must say
  2. Abdulla738

    Why the server was down?

    why is chanmi shouting lmao she seem pissed
  3. Abdulla738

    Classes Balances Suggestions

    nice profile pic
  4. Abdulla738

    new start

    I meant something like update us etc also shirley reported hf getting banned
  5. Abdulla738

    new start

    as we heard first couple of weeks/months will not have our items back, but can you give us more information ? will our chars be there? the levels? guilds? will you advertise for the relaunch?:D
  6. Abdulla738

    (Important) Account Merge Proposal

    Full wipe go go who cares about items its fun grinding and racing ur rivals to get better items in a shorter time itll make bosses needed and pked to win over
  7. Abdulla738

    (Important) Account Merge Proposal

    you do relieze faller wants to make it really hard to be full build so u actually farm instead of pking 24/7 for nothing literally pk for nothing and if the eq has reduced stats, it will be huge reduce, at least it must be... and if its locked it will be for a long time only way for new comers to catch up i suppose
  8. Abdulla738

    (Important) Account Merge Proposal

    where to make new accounts, i want to double vote
  9. Abdulla738

    In-game Ranking Titiles

    I ain't taking any pills mate
  10. Abdulla738

    In-game Ranking Titiles

    @Exnus sucks for you , you might be admiral but. you're an admiral for the worst guild in upo history, whos with u?Dom?DarkLord? Hah dont make me laugh Nico's first mate can destroy your whole guild and you ("the admiral ")
  11. Abdulla738

    In-game Ranking Titiles

    Nico can i be your matey?
  12. Abdulla738

    [POLL] <Ended> Melee Mini Stuns inside Balanced Maps

    I just saw it didnt have time to vote ;c
  13. Abdulla738

    Wipe v2.0

    Heueheu well you can still have your items, but dont regret it when the server has low number of players
  14. Abdulla738

    Wipe v2.0

    Only its not by locking the chars for a month or two, that means normal server for 1-2 months, then back to full +27 everyone, and Im quite sure its hard for new players to follow us in gems and items in just one month the original plan was locking the char for 2 weeks imo and lets not forgets people who used bugs to get their gems ahead I just don't find the game too fun when the only thing there is in it is ca bh, I dont even need to farm anymore and kill bosses
  15. Abdulla738

    Wipe v2.0

    Okay, I know this was discussed before. but I'm here to argue and probably make you hate me. I THINK WE NEED A FULL WIPE There, I said it. why? ~ Simply because we need new members, not wiping means ---> Same old players (not that its bad y'all rock (except motha, jk <3)) . Server is going to die that way, or rather be the same old 3 people per map style, now if you ask me. I do not find that extremely fun (even though I enjoy camping at 5 to kill dom) . Wiping the server will have new players open to play. Online Games~:- Why are online games more fun than single player games, one of the major reasons is that online games are competitive , Unlike Computer, when you play against real players you will have to step up your game , learn new strategy and counter enemies strategy. So from the perspective of a new player, why should I play in a server, where other players spent a year or so farming, and WAAAAAAY ahead of me, its just no point of working hard that way. Most of the people I asked to join for UPO 3.0 are saying, "people will have op items and we'll be newbies, why should we play there". And I do agree with them. Old Replies~:- most of the people who Does not want the server to be wiped have the excuse of, "I farmed too much" , "we worked really hard". I find this very selfish and stop new players from joining the game. In my honest and humble opinion, grinding your way up the ladder and farming gems and getting more gems than your enemies is fun as well, Pk is fun, but Pk is not everything in the game. I truely enjoy the game when it starts from 0 and every body starts from the same ground. Old Mistakes~:- This is the first ever server our beloved GM Victoria have been admin in. Naturally she did mistakes, some people abused those mistakes and bugs to get better and high level gems, I will not be talking in depth about this as it was explained on an older post (and the fact is I do not have alot of knowledge about this). Old Players~:- Naturally as an old player you will have a edge while playing upo, as you played this server before and know exactly how to farm it and play well on it. Ofcourse old donaters will get their diamonds back. Tell me your opinion. Do you Agree or disagree?

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