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  1. Panda

    (Important) Account Merge Proposal

    lol :DD I respect you admitting what uve done... I understand that u cheated and probably helped ur friends or werent the only one who abused gems But on another hand a full wipe would really harm us who grinded without abusing, i think that there are many more people who have spent alot of time playing whit out abusing for example ppl like BmB or Daisukae and many more including myself who spent countless hours playing to get where we are :3 Tbh if u ask me there are 3 ways to solve this 1. do a full wipe 2.forget this and just freeze accounts for 2 or 3 months / merge accounts 3. allow only 2 accounts per ip (so u have your main character and u can pick one other account like banker or buffer or your 2nd char. You do this by texting the gm what account/char you want unlocked). Mallers could have more then 2 accounts I think that having the possibility to bring old players back 3 months (or more) after the server opening is the most important thing, since you are counting on most of those people to start as first players in upo 3.0 (and some might just randomly log in one day and see upo alive and just start playing again) I mean im not fully against a full wipe, but tbh for me it would be a big turn off to lose all the items i farmed for all of my friends and myself, and i think that a portion of players wouldn't come back after the wipe aswell... Also in every top server there should be some elders who are strong so that they can help newcomers q: Also vicky could u tell me how many hours Panda char has, i really wanna know now
  2. Panda

    (Important) Account Merge Proposal

    yeah that's the point, im still not maxed and i played for a very long time... ^so getting maxed is kinda hard allready, tho i support a little nerf in items so that its easyer for us to die pk is 70% fun factor of top other 10% is hexa and other quests another 10% is raids and bosses and the last and most crucial 10% is the community and grinding for eqs The thing that makes the difference in upo are the gems, attspd and mspd gems to be precise, they should be incredibly easy to farm and cost 1dia ea.Simply cause how much they matter in and out of pk... I think that the server should be overflooded with these so that its easy for everyone to land kills,in both pk and bossing The thing is warrior arena, ci (and cs if she adds it again) is balanced and a guild of newcomers can own in those maps. While in ca and bh us, the old players will have an advantage. In BH attspd matters the most, it is one of the most resposnible things that lands kills. CA is definitely gonna be a maze that's ruled by old players, and i think that's completely fair I do agree that the accounts should be locked for like 2 months... Also @Faller you should do Facebook target advertising on both fb and ig to gain the most players like a week before the opening (5 usd a day and a well targeted audience will hopefully generate a nice crowd of newcomers)
  3. Panda

    (Important) Account Merge Proposal

    Tbh idk why u would do the wipe or spend ur time doing any of this :3 I mean its not to hard to get any items in upo trought ingame or mall... i think that locking characters is a way better solution... Doing this just makes it harder for you, and also this could really harm people like domi, arrow, ritchie and others who managed to earn (mall or farm) items for more then 3 chars, also im pretty sure alot of people got more then 1 banker account... for me personally i dont mind this since i got 1 account and all of my shit is on it :3 I do think that you should nerf some eqs a little, so that newcomers have a better chance of killing old ones... Tho that's not really relavent since 2 pk maps are balanced-same stats, and bh makes everyone killable... So i just wanted to give u my opinion, for me this isnt a problem, i dont support it but i dont mind if it happens eather I personally think that you shouldn't spend time with this, but focus on making attspd and mspd gems more available ingame, same goes with eternity shield gems
  4. Panda

    [Suggestions] Reputation Rework

    reputation cake is available in upo i think, from honor scroll npc
  5. Panda

    [Suggestions] Reputation Rework

    reputation farming is the best thing. I definitely think u should add reputation exchangers, for ultra and ultimate gems or eternity shield gems (just gems and maybe some pk manu) And yeah the way of obtaining rep could be by killing bosses And the highest ranking players with rep could get some sort of VIP title just like the best pker gets warlord
  6. Panda

    PvP Bar & Dungeons - Suggestions

    for me the official bar is the best place in any top server, couse it throws us back to the official game, and i wouldn't change it But i do like the idea about the ranking, i think that u could add that kind of ranking based on the mazes won and dungeons completed, cause if you base it on k/d it will get abused one way or another. If you do it lik that then theres no need for negative points and the system would be simple and easy for you to make it. Also i think that u could make rewards something similar to warlord title, or give top3-5 players some unique glows/name colors/wings or something visual. And some diamonds or items. Also maybe u could add some special rewards (visuals sutch as the warlord title) for people who are best ranking in bosses, mazes,dungeons etc... (the rewards could be maller glows, 2x exp while the warlord title {example} is active, or maybe name color while the title is on)
  7. Panda

    Wipe v2.0

  8. Panda

    What was your favorite single-player game?

    Thats so true, like i would wait for my parents to go to work so that i could play gta, and top aswell
  9. Panda

    What was your favorite single-player game?

    GTA Vice City the best game from my childhood
  10. Panda

    Skills Stages Path

    well im not really a fan of this...I think there are already enough stuff to upgrade and focus on already and that this would turn off players who come to upo later then maybe me dominate and the rest of us would, considering there are different stages of sets,10 different cloaks, and e shields and other stuff... i think this would be to much and it would just make your job harder then it is... better work on fc/ds (another maze/raid/guild house) in my opinion
  11. What about letting the HDs have old chars xD -so that they could help >.<?
  12. i was thinking u r gonna make max lv150 and just boost the exp from raids lel :D...but sure do as u want just dont make us lose ur eq haha
  13. Okay but what lvl would the eq be >.< not 140 i hope lal
  14. that might be cool,so how would u do it?make max lv 150 or something :O?

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