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  1. Panda

    Lost Forest Dungeon Teaser

    Frosteh = GM
  2. Panda

    Market Guide

    Would be cool lmao :D...I usualy wouldnt ask 4 it but this app sucks xD
  3. Panda

    Market Guide

    Theres a bug with the npc,if somebody buys the item just before u do u will end up buying another item instead...that way i got an apparel sword instead of fb cause somebody beat me to it (i clicked on buy fb but got another item and lost dia) @Faller
  4. Panda

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit (1 week later)

    Should be 8 ppl per guild :B
  5. Panda

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    What if limit was 8 players :3
  6. Panda


    Server hierarchy Panda > Eli We all know hes beneath me :3 This pic sums it all up huehue!
  7. Panda

    New pk map review!

    This can be changed so that the system automatically evens the number of players (every one minute for example) in the maze (transfers a random player from green to red,or other way around),ive seen this on numerous servers usualy in bh maze... Knowing vicky this shouldn't be hard for her to make or just copy from some server files :B...
  8. Panda

    Community poll

  9. Panda

    [POLL] <Ended> Champion Changes

    Ummm i think u should put back the 2 swords option,cause in the long run champ at s5 with hammer (with this max/def ratii) will probably have 700k hp and 130k max and over 20k def at the same time...I think the players should have a choice between tank and dmg dealer champ... Tank should be as it is now, but with around 20k less max And two swords dmg dealer should have high dmg but the def and hp should be lowered so that they are more vulnerable... I voted for the skill changes as well,by that i meant nerfing the rb skill...some players already stated the problem... Note: champs will always be busted no matter what u end up doing. So in the end it might be easiest for u to change the rb skill and lower champ max by atleast 13k (if they are hammer only)
  10. Panda

    (Free Diamonds) Player Referral

    Please :C
  11. Panda

    (Free Diamonds) Player Referral

    vicky right now (at 01:24)
  12. Panda

    Your Rig

    My pride and joy :3
  13. Panda

    [POLL] <Ended> Guilds Limit

    I dont agree with u on that...Its simple... At this point of time this is the equation NO+Moo=95% of the server... So if u split those guilds in half it would be much more fun for the whole server... I know that u guys like chatting and are friends but tbh its killing the server... U have 2 guilds with 15 (almost)maxed active players each... I dont see why it would be a problem to split those guilds in half,or atleast try it and see what the result is. The pk right now is between Moo and NO... Kitten Squad is basically leftovers and/or players who are way behind your weakest players... and KS is basically just collateral dmg or free kills for u guys... For the sake of the server i think this should be done,and that the number of players inside of the guild shouldnt be more then 8 or 9. Ive pointed this problem countless times so far but usually i get a reply like: "Moo should do that" or "NO should do that" ... and it looks like this

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