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  1. dominic363

    (Free Diamonds) Legendary Tree of Fortune

    your right. i play to spend my free time. i spend my whole day at work so no way i spend my couple of hours before sleep working for a game. i just wanna log and pk. i am done with top and mmorpg games anyways. best choice for me now to play are moba games and console game. good luck with your server faller it was pleasure to play in your server. i appreciate your hard work. if your server was opened 7 years ago i am sure it would kick ass but time has changed and the game is getting too old
  2. dominic363

    (Free Diamonds) Legendary Tree of Fortune

    As a person whos working 12 hours a day and got only the weekend to play. Removing afk ways of farming is a bad idea. Legendary tree was the only reaaon keeping me play your server. But i guess its over now
  3. dominic363

    (Free Diamonds) Legendary Tree of Fortune

    this is bullshit. good luck with your server. i am out
  4. dominic363

    What you hate most in UPO?

    The only reason why i am playing UPO is the AFK and PVE farming methods. most servers dont have that or they just have staying afk for fairy coins for gold or mining for some crap. but what i hate the most is the grinding on some items to farm which i believe they shouldnt take that long time to farm like shield of entity upgrades and entity gems and last lvling up from 130 to 135. i had 18% exp and it got bugged. i debugged it and went back to 0. i realized its not worth it so i am just staying lv130 and being lv130 or lv135 for SS doesnt really matter

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