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  1. ZuriXP

    Your Rig

    My poor setup, at least i have a water bottle to keep me hydrated
  2. ZuriXP

    [EVENT] Unscramble Announcement

    Hello, just representing the non-staff people here.
  3. ZuriXP

    Responsável pelo fórum brasileiro

    Muito bom ^-^
  4. ZuriXP

    Skills Stages Path

    Hum, a idéia parece interessante, mas sugiro que dê pontos de skill através das quests e tals que você mencionou, e também deixe um numero limitado, em que não seja possível simplesmente dar level up em tudo no máximo, assim as pessoas teriam que pensar onde alocar os pontos, qual skill upar, isso voltaria com as criações de builds.
  5. Sobre o level eu acredito que level 100 max já está bom, talvez isso ajude um pouco a ter aquela velha sensação do TOP1 de quando você via um level 80 usando aquelas roupas negras e descia aquele calafrio na espinha e começava a babar.
  6. ZuriXP

    UPO 3 - Closed Beta Appliance

    Uhm, i guess i'm too late.
  7. ZuriXP

    Forum & Website Changes!

    So... no more votes?
  8. ZuriXP


    An old friendship born in UPO.
  9. ZuriXP

    What you hate most in UPO?

    Maybe most of what I say can not be solved or done here on this server but it is my opinion and maybe that will give you some idea of what to do. I miss the primal essence of the game, it's a game about pirates, right? And it's also a mmorpg, right? I miss that journey as I explored the map, suffering to kill those mines in the mine, finally being able to buy my first boat and clear the ocean, feel the progression when I got that new armor and cool sword, UPO is currently limited to a infinite daily grind, you visit the same places and do the exact same thing every day, only to at the end of the day slightly increase the status of your equipment and then go to PvP. I think the server was supposed to be focused on PvP right? Why is not Tales of Pirates classic PvP added? That little arena where teams struggled and strategized, when the Voyagers and SMs needed to take care of the entrances to contain the invisible crusaders, I miss that physical and spiritual progression where every day you learned something new.

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